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Mountain Biking Rude Rock Trail in Queenstown, New Zealand – VIDEO


bbunch44 says:

On a scale of 1 to 10 that looked like a 12! Super sick

B ONeal says:

Nice job Nate!
You guys are rippin!!!
That's a badass looking trail

Patrick McFadden says:

Nate, you may have answered this elsewhere. If so my apologies. When you travel with your bike do you ship it in advance or do you fly with it? If you fly with it have you found a case that you like/trust?

Colorado outdoor Paintball says:

if you are in the area i will be riding debque colorado pm me if you want to ride

klstrucker930419 says:

I'd like to see this with telemetry, wonder what the speeds are.

VanLife America says:

Just a spring in the wind. I'm amazed at some of the bails MTB'rs can walk away from sometimes. Another great Video! The section at 4:014:14 is super fast.

Mountain Biking with Jere says:

That trail is like a rollercoaster for mountain bikes!

Scott says:

Sheesh!!! I didn't know whether to look the riders and the trail or to look at the scenery. Natural beauty looks comparable to Colorado.

Kurtoss says:

damn that camera footage is smooth as the guy in reds flow

Michele Bellosi says:

I want to live in new zealand , this is looking good!!!! awesome trail!!!

Thomas Chaudeyrac says:

Oh man ! This trail looks so sick, and the way you guys ride it is awesome ! Keep up the great videos !

TrailRider says:

Incredibly jealous of these trails you ride!

jean-jacky legnou says:

great video just needs rock music to me

FLY XC says:

That Yeti is looking and performing greatly. Where would you rank this bike out of all that you've tested?

David Spencer says:

This looks like a ton of fun, probably the best video yet. Keep up the good work man!

hunter m LMFAO says:

you always know its a good crash when you say WOOO

Jeremy Farrell says:

Wow, awesome footage Nate! Now to convice my wife I need to bike vacation in New Zealand.

melaVOLENCE says:

That looks like the FUNNEST trail ever. It's like a roller coaster!

Anthony Han says:

What an awesome trail! When you go all Ha Ha Haaa!! on the speedy part complete joy!

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