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Mountain Biking on Four Wheels is Faster Than Two | The Stacy Kohut Story – VIDEO


Leonardo C. Silva says:

Muito legal…

Артем Пономарев says:

spirit strength

Michael Pritchard says:

Bad ass man!

Bubza101 says:

Do What You Cant
-Casey Neistat 2017

Vincent Burris says:

1 Word,Inspiration!!! Ride on !!!!

Ayrton Senior says:

i lvoe how he chose a hard place to live to get too.

Luis Santamaria says:

This takes guts. I would be scared asf !



Antuan Rodriguez says:

Respect for this guy, this looks way doper than normal mountain biking, this guy has to go down as a legend

RooFx says:

Gravity mtb on 4 wheels for everyone!
What an inspiration.

Norman pisani says:

liked the video. disliked for misleading. 1 minute SLOWER is not faster!

Benjamin Malave says:

That's how wheelchairs should be.

MrToddGG says:

Great vid. Anyone know what the song is that comes in at 0:45 secs?

Rose Modesto says:

meu sonho em ser profissional má bicicleta

John Traner says:

You should hook your self up with some hand peddles too. Im sure you can design it functionally! Like you could enduro ride and then when u want to send it down whistler, you could take the peddles off!

Enrique Macias says:

That camber though #CamberNation

Kreepy Pasta says:

Looks like fun!

Coco Mccrackin says:

I wanna race one of those!

Zax says:

Hell yeah! That dude is the man.

randy higgins says:

this is awesome, his Bike looks like a lot of fun! I also like how he chained up his wheelchair at the van… like who would steal a wheel chair

Ryan Schneider says:

ALL the dislikes are people who think there shit dont stink and that 2 wheel are the best and only should be 2 wheels. smh truth is, its only about having fun and living the experiences. So much evil and mentally fucked people in todays world to smash on people non stop to make thrmselves feel better. Well this guy is AWESOME! i would have done the same thing.

GlobalMotorCrossNetwork says:

respect stacy

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