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Mountain Biking in New Jersey – The Rock Garden State – VIDEO


Benjamin Wilson says:

Nah trust me. Nj is complete shit, i live there.

Luke Simmons says:

books plane ticket to new jersey

Jack Fairclough says:

This is Australian terrain. Except sandstone.

Official Bacon Pie says:

New Jersey is the rock garden state how about Arkansas

XFMitch says:

damn those trails look like hell… I wanna ride them

Christophe L says:


johnnnewmex says:

That looks like some fun technical terrain.

Ryan LeFevre says:

This would be gorgeous on a walmart bike. 😀

Jorge Juárez says:

The realese will be can to use for enduro?

Nick Hepler says:

The music you use in your videos is awesome. Feels like an episode of Louie or something.

ER IC says:

maybe seths should have took the fat tire-bmx bike

HiserBros says:

Is that a fox 34 with a 4.0 in it???

Finn Yates says:

Seth you should get a downhill bike

leesuper73 says:

If you ever come through Maryland hit me up and come check out the Frederick Watershed

Makenzie Thompson says:

Hey Seth, what is the best possible street bike(BMX) that I could buy for cheap? Thanks!!

JJProuductions says:

Seth ski hacks?

AVeryDangerousApple says:

As soon as I saw your type of video I subbed.

Vinyl quasar says:

nj is the best

Mike Maiello says:

I live in ring wood, I wish I knew you were here

Karl Arkwright says:

Love watching your videos. You should come visit Richmond Va. We have some sick trails out here.

Brennan Stroup says:

Great Video!!! you should come up to Birmingham, AL and ride at Oak Mountain State Park

Max Strong says:

you should check out pittsburgh's bike trails. as far as urban park trails they are pretty good

Arctic Pride says:

Classic north east terrain, add in some roots and you're golden

Don Peyote215 says:

show off sike

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