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Mountain Biking Explained – EP1 – VIDEO


Jessica Everett says:

This is a great video! I'm not a beginner pre say, but I was never taught technique. I just hopped on and started riding a few years ago. It was all good until I tried a few gnarly trails and ended up eating it hard! Now I have some fears when I ride. I think your videos are really gonna help. Good job Lisa!

mohd ali says:

Lisa drives a honda

Koop Thompson says:

Seth wen I pedl my back tier will move wen I Accelerate Wat is it pled put in vlog and explain it

janniko_14 says:

I got a ,,Sharptail street 1" is it good to beginn?

Lewis Ferry says:

You don't need a hydration backpack, they can be really expensive and some Velcro/ zip pockets + a cheap bottle cage can do the job fine

Fernando Rodriguez Romero says:

What knee & elbow protection pads would you recommend?

tremaine boyd says:

can't wait to get my bike and start hitting jumps

RedAR says:

how tall is she

Daniel says:

Please adjust the reach of those brake levers. She can't possibly put a finger on them, without loosening her grip.

William Edwards says:

Is Lisa related to you?

Tessa Hankinson says:

Your videos are the best I have ever come across for good clear non patronising guidance. Thank you

theLLfromHELL says:

Actually, if I go back to the past, probably I will gave the same tips for my past me.
But now a days, after a loot of problems, I know the importance about keep a tube, a pump, a repair kit every time as a pedal.
If when I started I must carry all the tools as I carry now, probably I gave up before start.

Robin O. says:

Hey Seth, just wanted to say thanks for doing this series! I’ve been playing around on a crappy Walmart bike for the past few months, but I finally decided to get an actual mountain bike! You’re channel has taught me so much!

mblader2k3 says:

full finger gloves bro, fingerless is for Roadies

David Grant says:

which helmet would be better the one in your video or a full face

Graham Bullman says:

Great series Seth. Really useful for me. Can't wait for the next. I've had a mountain bike for years but only ridden bike paths and roads. Buying my first e-hardtail next month (Haibike most likely) and gonna start on some e-friendly trails for the first time at the age of 51. Sorry if the ebike doesn't go down well with the purists. 🙂

Austin Hernández says:

"This will only cost a thousand dollars"

ONLY?! Bitch that's almost half of my tuition cost at college! I got everything mentioned here except for the bike. I currently have a road bike I use for exercise and commuting in the suburban area my college is in. So I gotta buy a mountain bike to use back in my hometown. I'm gonna make a trail on my dad's land(it's complete wilderness). But I ain't spending a thousand dollars on a bike! That's for college, not a bike! I got my road bike for only $140. It's not the best but that's all I can afford in full time college with a part time job.

Barkis says:

0:53 Who noticed the corvette ?

Matthew Abt says:

Hey Seth I have an issue, I have an old rigid MTB with threaded forks , unsealed bb , and single wall rims I ride it on trails and its a little bumpy but I can still ride it and do things like bunnyhops and manuals. The isuue is that the bike is almost 20 years old and I'd like not to destroy it. Do u have any advise on where I cold get a cheap MTB that will take some abuse?

Peter CPRail8748 says:

Fantastic series, not only for beginners but more seasoned riders that make simply mistakes on gear and such.

Aiden says:

I don't have/use gloves, is there a problem with this?

Danny says:

Hey Seth. Great videos. Thanks for explaining things in simple terms for everyone to understand. Best of luck with future videos and reviews!

Calvin Guy says:

Make these videos more often please!

Aastra Calidad says:

Some people are riders. Then there are teachers. You sir, are both. Thanks for the laughs and lessons!

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