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Mountain Biking Captain Ahab in Moab, Utah – VIDEO


JcW says:

great video! kids and I are really enjoying it! subscribed.

Tyler Tomlinson says:

Do you shuttle Captain Ahab? or leave a car somewhere at the end?

Bob Havens says:

I think that this is the most brutal ride you have posted.

Hrvoje Fabro says:

you should sing more often

Buffalo Theory says:

+BKXC what bikes were you guys riding? I didn't know one can climb such things in this video wow. Did you just pedal and use momentum to get up those rock steps or did you use advanced skills like wheelies etc? Thanks. Keen to learn.

ItzRebel says:

Why do they ride on such a low gesr

Marco Pena says:

Amazing ride! Great views from the park…thanks for sharing.

cakTus33 says:

Hey BKXC! Thanks for the videos. It would be awesome to have a section on your website or in the info portion of these videos that describes a "range" of recommended bike(s) specs for the kind of stuff you're riding. I know a lot of it is rider dependent, but for us noobs looking to push ourselves and equipment without "ride guidelines". Thanks so much!

Spencer Paulson says:

hey man.. im new to mountain biking. i recently bought a specialized pitch 650b. and im having trouble finding trails in my area. i was wondering if you know of any great trails in washington state that my bike can handle. love your videos by the way.

Nacho Monreal says:

8:40 what?

Rolling Home Films says:

Simply love this trail.

ian hope says:

incredible skill & confidence. Well impressed.

patrick lyle says:

Curious what tire you ran there? In one of Seth's videos he commented on how grippy the rock were. So, I was wondering if just a good XC tire worked?

M!ster - Nobody says:

Are there many snakes and scorpions on that trail? That's the one thing that concerns me about going there one day but it seems so amazing

Respawn_Gaming says:

whats the largest drop you encountered on this trail? wanna be sure my current suspension can handle it

Noah Bailie says:

Also what are some good front suspensions

Noah Bailie says:

What's the link to the handlebar thing you mentioned at the beginning of the video

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