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Mountain Biking at 13,000 feet! – Filip Polc in La Paz, Bolivia – VIDEO


Michal Milko says:

Vo vyrabani otravenych potravin? To mas potom pravdu. Mier.

Martin Demeter says:


MrVttdodo says:

good jobs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

matum7 says:

slovenskoooooooooooooooooo sme naj

FleX6875 says:

Greetings from Slovakia I love you

Piotr Siuba says:

Polacy i tak lepsi.

Stuart Swindell says:

theres another film callled burn through the mist its really goo if you like thee types of videos

Martin Zemánek says:

ja som slova tiež ;))

slovakswimmer says:

yah my man ahoj ya som slovak tyesh

pavlos380 says:

best music best scenes nc redbull video clip what is name this music ? because it is best

vanderweaver says:

@DiemTea if you dont got ad block i feel bad for you son, i got 99 problems but an ad aint one

Jaroslav Timko says:

i am from Slovakia too

Gaby says:

Screensaver 0:49

Korver Lee says:

太屌了 車神

Jonathon Hagger says:

Boring. Needs more action.

ecols says:

lame.. No action going on there..

mondoman712 says:

@sicccckk Time!

Max Cosson says:

@DiggerNiggah I didnt mean to offend you just didnt know thats all.

proto35 says:

thats really cool. not meant for everyone.

Anderson Elias says:

themaddin15…stupid comment

Kapten Zell says:

@themaddin15 No, sucker

Naileya says:

@number1jetskifan why is on every video a comment with shit quality… omfg its processing dumbfuck

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