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Mountain Bike Trails in Spooky Abandoned Safari Theme Park – Jungle Habitat – VIDEO


TheGapleguy says:

It made me feel like the forest was all evil and wanted to eat them or like some creepypasta is from there

psychlyst says:

I used to go to Jungle Habitat back in the 70s…remember baboons ripping antennaes off cars and peeling the vinyl tops off…wacky shit

rc explore says:

Is bottoming out your shocks bad for the shocks

Leon van der Linden says:

Outstanding wrong rhetoric map feel smoke loud.

Pc Got says:

I loved the video i love how it gave me that spooky feeling. Amaizing work keep it up.

Jonathan Nguyen says:

The jungle ate my new Shimano Saint Derauillers.

Jose Tovar says:

Great video!… really interesting trail !

Nick Brescia says:

Just rode the for the first time today. Same conditions. Beast of a place.

Holiday Light Show On Lyndale says:

Lol so true about the derailleurs… I've had 3 derailleurs and hangers eaten by sticks.

single fun Trails says:

you bottom out the rear shock when you were on the release 3 you bottomed out on the tree next time you go to New Jersey you may bottom out on some other things

Tomer Tal says:

Really loved the way you talled about the trails

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