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Mountain Bike Chronicles


carboconr protecciones de carbono kevlar says:

Simplemente impresionante!!!!

Joel Lawton says:

Very cool video of mountain bike downhill racing 

andre conceicao says:

Pat Choi says:

Red Bull Mountain Bike Chronicles

Maks Pavlov says:

mountain bike chronicles

Raphael Moriel says:

+Julio Roman 

gianson ramirez says:

very good

andre conceicao says:

derp derp says:

dont change te voice actor. SAID NO DIRECTOR EVER

Johannes Fjällgren says:


TheHonestOne805 says:

So I watched all the UCI videos and I have a few things that need to be
changed! A. Get rid of the phony narrators voice. B. There doesn’t need to
be an intro-clip with the same music, make intro unique to that video. C.
Have a few different transitions other than the slow-mo of the back tire in
the dirt. And D. There are way too many closeups on the riders faces,
completely unnecessary. I do like the little informational bits though!

fitzy4578 says:

love this series, hate the narrator’s voice

1zCF says:

Too expensive for its fame.

Kyle Sexton says:

thumbs up if you would swap pies for a bike!

AnzeTusar says:

Steve.. …how much do you want for Red Bull DH helmet?? I want one :)!

Matt Cheney says:

the commentator should work for the anti tobacco companys

jzbscotland says:

whats the name off the featured video that has stevie smith in?

blackops617 says:

2:53 ahhhh she’s sooo hottttt.

Tom Curry says:

2:52 that girl is unreal hot.

MrdYwDc says:

Yeaaa baby

Harrius says:


joao2286 says:


Trackmania Raglefant says:

i was there!! :DDD

megaxpand says:

Do you live in isld too?

Don Zikus says:

This commentator is good!!

michaeltalent96 says:

i like the comentator 🙂

Gunther Tietz says:

the commentator sounds like duff man from the simpsons

SniiPro says:

i am 80k viewer yeeeee

Josh Rhodes says:

the commentator needs to go it’s so annoying!

Alexandra Rousta says:

why not have in Greece such a track and organized races here too; your
thumbs very good job!

fabricio chiosso says:


Tom Ganks says:

bad commentator voice

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