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Mountain Bike Chronicles UCI Fort William


Danilo Simonatto says:


peakbernard08 says:

Canada 🙂

iTuczSeventyFive says:

You are the first guy that answer me in comments so im going to sub you!:)

~Mathieu says:

I miss The Atherton Project.

Richard Escobar says:

this is what i want my career to but i cant afford a nice bike like that i
use bmx bike to go down hills but i know i got talent on mountain bikes

giorgos p. says:

everyone of these bikes cost more than 3000$ 🙁

JustTwistIt Motocross says:

Nothing like some good downhill ripping, some of the most narly stuff

Finest says:

My names Danny Atherton :’)

michael mclaughlin says:

Oh, i know Gwin’s carbon Session 9 sells for like $11,000. I’m sure the
rest of them aren’t too far off. Crazy expensive sport.

hobmarg says:

Anyone else find it weird to see Atherton on Trek instead of Commencal?

GoForProTV says:

Hey guys visit my channel and give me some tips plz!!

Zenn says:

This is the mountain bike video you would show your grandmother.

Fergus Howe says:

Why is Arron Gwin such a tank?

PageMonster says:

It’s not a “short trip” from Fort William to Wales.

ORINJE says:

People asking about bikes under £2000. Not the best but Commencal supreme 6
is about £1400 and a Scott voltage fr20 is about £1600. Just don’t go
throwing it down whistler a line!

thelordant5noob says:

downhill is still wayyy better 😉

sissy231 says:

come on chaps act your age. throwing stuff out of a car whilst travelling
on a road really isnt that funny

giorgos p. says:

american dollar

TeReNo223 says:

what is up with this commentators voice seriously? he sounds really
constipated like his pushing out a huge log of poo

michael mclaughlin says:

I don’t think you’ll find a decent full suspension new for that price, good
bikes start at around $2000 US

SeaSkyProductions says:

ever done meth?

Scott-Downhill-Rider99 says:


hobmarg says:

Oops brain fart, totally meant GT haha.

Marcelo Benitez says:

Are you going to have the Season 3????

Lightbulb Media says:

I think most people wouldn’t consider it as exciting though…

Ady David says:

SAM HILL does downhill.. Man..

MrSkiJoel says:

The guy at 03:05 has a Monster sticker on his helmet xD

giorgos p. says:

now i have a double suspension 100 euro bike, my next one is going to cost
around 400 euros, and i am satisfied so far

TTMoparV8 says:

freeride isn’t bad too 🙂

erdsicht says:

That’s probably because they are on GT – not on Trek.

BMPizzle says:

i have a german short hair too

technochillz says:

were do you live i have a kona for sale 🙂 email me at

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