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Mountain Bike Chronicles


crazyringo92 says:

Lots of recycled Atherton footage… Disappointing! I was neat to hear them
explain 4th of July, always figured Redbull was an American company?

Xscoll says:

These videos rocks alot

Husqvarna Husky says:

song at 0:40 please.

Gerardo Rojas says:

Can anyone tell me, how to start on this type of competiton??????? This is
what I need

jcalpha103 says:

Its funny that the 4th isn’t Independence day really

XxHolsterCAxX says:

I love the commentator, He sounds so professional 😀

coloradoavalanche19 says:

@jms8220 Haha, you are so stupid.

tnaglassworks says:

really for mtb races to be hundreths of seconds close is very impressive.
thats nascar precision with your legs.

MuziikMuziik says:

fastest week of my life!

Caio Stanchak says:

Gee needs a new tyre design that can handle his skills.

Henry Nicolas says:

@motoXracer64 u gotta get the local stuff. wayyyy better then jack links
you can get that shit anywhere


No ones commented in awhile….

Waldquelle187 says:

Awesome channel srsly, been only abo’d for about 2 months and loving it.

Youtube Security says:

another mtb chronicle nice


“I love America, I love jerky,and I love speed boats.”

Grayam Gourlay says:

this is bs, there is an ad in the middle of the vid

Christopher Rizzuti says:

Two of them on one day

never4getthis says:

which are those oakley at 2:37 ?!!

fxtfusion says:

@blueklayman this is sometimes on espn with other redbull stuff

Christian Rose says:


liftplusfeind says:

OMG IM NOT THE 304th viewr???? O.O

NXTLifeGame says:

Why is it 11.59 the other videos are 12.00

Moslem Mosbah says:

who knows the song on 00:24 ?

rifi santana says:

TRACK ID?? MIN. 0:45

jillbill100 says:

@lamaxxl they could make eating oreos look cool

snowboardingable says:

that was amazin 🙂

ArcanistHD says:

@Mastermind843 no its not lol

jms8220 says:

I swear to fuckin god I’m gonna go out of my way to never buy any product
from a company that puts an ad before my youtube video!!

TheNigaOfHiga says:

theres no 11:59 O.o??

tricksare4kids47 says:


Mx4life522 says:

12:00 again ! Nizzle

Honza Ohnisko says:

Redbull could even make a bowling video look cool.

KillerBeeKiller says:

“Knock her up a bit.”

iamdeclanmoore says:

i like poop……. in my mouth 🙂

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