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MBR Bike Test: Cannondale Claymore 2 vs Scott Genius LT 20 – VIDEO


Matt Leonard says:

7 inch travel trail bikes? im in love.

Silvana Solujic says:

Cannondale looks nice but Scott is much better bike

Vladimir Saldes says:

Does anyone know where in Malaga they riding?

Scouse House says:

that cannondale is sexy

Dan Gheorghe says:

So witch one's better? Witch rides better on the descents or uphills? Where's the rest of the VS in this? What's your conclusion? Are you advertising without making a point?

ozgurbutu says:

Both have efficient pull type rear shocks and same fox on front. Genius feels like really genius…

BryantX.Y says:

The Claymore 2 looks pretty badass <3

futurealasd says:

what i always hated in these 2 brands are the prices. specially cannondale one gives 5000$ and has average components. can't the team managers fucking see it or are they so stupid ? that's why most lean to trek, giant, norco bla bla

Nate Meyer says:

better efficiency on climbs

Neil B says:

up for climbing and general riding, down for descents. on a button means you dont have to stop/dismount to adjust between the 2.

carson willett. says:

can anyone tell me what tthe piont of the seat going up like that is? i dont understand what its used for. thanks for any help

osep medina says:

there both beautiful bikes but i got to give it to the scott

chukfunk says:

Can get a new 2012 lt 30 for $2100 is that good? Should I do it?

adammoonface says:

The Claymore is half price online at the mo! Its a lot of bike for the money.

paucceri says:

slap some lithium grease on that seatpost ffs!!

lukasflfl says:

Best bike is the giant glory xD

Gerbur AKG says:

Scott is much better!

Downhill Freeride says:

No it hasn't it is shit

MrDBWA1910 says:

Cannondale has sexy design

Thomas Previtali. says:

genius genius genius.

peanutaxis says:

Cannondale are stupid.

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