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How To Turn In Flat Corners | Mountain Biking Skills

How do you hit a corner fast with no banking or berm? Neil takes you through it step by step.

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luke rubio says:

Can you make a video on best ways to recover from a crash, I had one yesterday and flipped over my handle bars

Beth Carroll says:

Did Neil really say he is a clumsy rider? I can think of plenty of adjectives to use for Neil but clumsy is not one of them. :)

Daniel Quaid says:

+gmbn please do a vid on how to wheelie

bimmer666 says:

Scott, how tall are you and what size is your bike? I find it hard to find a bike that doesnt look silly and small at 6´2.

ProfessorFate says:

I needed this video last week! haha I made a lot of this mistakes all at once during a ride. I slid out and broke my collarbone. I can't wait to start practicing those techniques as soon as I'm back out on the trail. :)

Royster Howell says:

From America–you guys are the best! Thx!

Ceasar Capizonda says:

GMBN, How about a vid discussion about different wheel sets? i mean like different rim width for different kinds of riding, or if having 28, 32 and 36 holes/spokes affects the way you ride.

Justin F says:

Same repetitive videos

Emiliano Puga says:

y want to know if you guys can do a video of tipes of brakes in MTB

Manufactur ing says:

Whats up with Marc? Why he is not in every video anymore?
Id like a vide about "best bike for your money"

PPC4 says:

Racing line? Still applies to MTB if the surface is hard enough……like most trail centres.

Arqom Noval says:

please do a video reviewing some of MTB / cycling innovations, like : maglock pedal, pedaling innovation's catalyst pedal, oval chainring, pinion gearbox, etc..

LeDerpAssassin says:

whist making a GMBN vid is there many crashes, if so could we see them?

Adam Leng says:

love the channel guys .Could you do a video on what to do a week/ two weeks before a race. easy/hard training? eating? how many days rest before?

Muhammad Aiman says:

do a video of how to ride loose gravel decent

William Keys says:

Nicely done. Have you done a video on off camber turns? Throw some roots in and they can be really challenging.

Andreas Gunster says:

Could you guys make a video on how to ride faster? Love the vids!

Eduardo Couto says:

You guys should start making reviews and stuff for bikes and other components/accessories

Haewon Jeong says:

what if my body weight is already behind the saddle entering the corner due to steep descend and when it comes to leaning the bike I feel like I have no room for moving my arms, they are already extended pretty much. Also because the weight is already at back side I feel like my front wheel has no strength to carry the momentum..
Can anybody give me an a pointer?

Ramsay MacFarlane says:

nice one, best 'how to' for a while :)

Darrel Jones says:

What shoes are you using with your Mallet E pedals Neil?

Matyas Rigo says:

nice trails in mijas ….. :D

Sean Bolden says:

When riding clipped in, what are the pros and cons of the soft shoe/large surface area pedal vs stiff shoe vs low surface area pedal?

Mark Davey says:

GMBN could you do a video on how to install new hubs/make a new wheel?

kendall connolly says:

this is all about grip/traction ,  which you need everywhere ,   not so much about flat corner technique

ThunderStruckCoach says:

Good vid guys. I'm a little old school with no dropper and I run in the SoCal high desert < think jagged marbles, over a layer of BBs, on top of asphalt > so getting through flat turns takes a ton of finesse. I'm sure it's easier with a dropper, but I can keep up with the kids on their dropper with the right line, right body position and like you said, controlling my speed before entering the turn. My WTB Vigilantes also help a ton.

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