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How To Set Up An Action Camera For Mountain Biking – VIDEO


Nick Blaney says:

What if you don't have pecks??? Where do you put the GoPro??

Ellis M says:

if you wear a chest mount then you have to have a stabilizing gimble as the footage is shit otherwise

Dexy VFX says:

No mention of under the visor? Best angle by far.

kyle limbrick says:

Hello I was wondering do u give parts away if someone needs a little bit of help with there bike because I have a carera banshee and I'm missing some parts ?

Joel Edwards says:

Thankyou for doing the video guys!

Anonymus says:

Wow, that is some, disgusting footage.

Archie Hunter says:

Where are these trails? They look awesome!

The ChaosEngine says:

I think I'll stick to just riding my bike. But cheers anyway lads.

Dominik Baumann says:

To adjust your helmet cam…
1. Bind it with your phone
2. Load the live preview on your phones cam app
3. Fix a point far away with your eyes
4. Hold your phone with one hand between your eyes and the fixed point
5. With the other hand, adjust your helmet cam until the fixed point is in the center of the preview

I recommend, if your helmet fits well, to mount your cam to one side of the helmet.
-You don't want to fall straight on your cam (Can destroy the cam, the helmet and your head)
-Often you have a part of your goggles on the cam's view: Your movie looks more stabilized
-The lower the cam, the better you can see the changing surface in your movie

GoProTrailRider says:

The chesty is definitely the best view, but can be unstable if not tightened enough around the chest. I use a gimbal and it's awesome. My settings are Native, EV comp -1, 1080p superview 60fps

Jay Morris says:

Blake, I know your employed but take a stand!! It's supposed to be riding an having fun!

Jay Morris says:

Whatever happened to just riding and having a laugh!!!! This to me is just bollocks!! Ffs! Just get out and ride!! If anyone wants to share the experience they should be out too.

damian smith says:

What size is the stem?

Jdswalker says:

#askgmbn Are hardtails with 130mm or more travel in the fork suitable for doing jumps?

Laurence Cosmo says:

why does the light have an affect on which fps settings to use ?

drumandbassob0007 says:

gmbn can u start using better than 1080 cause it looks so much better in 4k or 1440p ect , love the channel and blakes cool great new presenter , been following him for a while was surprised to see him as the new presenter

Morgan MTB says:

Why is there tape over the go pro logo

Paolorosi93 says:

guys always remember, a gimbal is worth a million dollars!

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