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How To Pack a Mountain Bike -VIDEO

If you’re planning to ride abroad then you’re going to need to know how to pack an MTB bag. It’s pretty simple, but there are a few tips and tricks that you’re going to want to know about.

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Alfredo Bossi says:

The bag it's compatible with a Cannondale Trigger 29er Tg L with lefty fork?
Thank you in advance.

Enrique Fernandez says:

Lo mejor que he visto

sfer1 says:

Can you provide a link to the dedicated spacers that you used?

Des Chew (GoOwl Travel) says:

Is this the more expensive pro version of wheel bag or the basic entry level crc wheel bag?

Catcrumbs says:

The start of the Mountain of Hell in Les Deux Alpes is at 3200 m and nobody lets the air of their shocks for the chairlift up. The maximum cabin pressure altitude of commercial airliners is 2400 m.

Pietari Korkalainen says:

i have the exact same bike!

Alex Brothers says:

Would advise not compressing your hydraulic seat post as the cabin pressure cause increased pressure on the hydraulic internals and destroy your seals.  Also have heard about taking pressure out of your shocks, I have never done it and no issues.

Gabe Hamilton says:

Could I fit my specialized demo in it?

Noah Hayes says:

What was that thing he put in between the forks called?

Mr Nobody says:

If you look closely at the shirt hanging on the wall it is creased in such a way that it says anal on it

Jonas De Meyer says:

you can also take of the rotor so it will not get damaged

Patrick Brown says:

If you're going through all the trouble of bubble wrapping everything to protect it then why would you leave the bars against the frame? That's more likely to cause damage than the linkages against the frame….

Joshua Edwards says:

fuck that

J S says:

What if it has tubeless tyres? How can you let air out without wrecking the seal?

Rowan holmes says:

Will the CRC bag take a downhill frame as I have always planned on going on holiday but never can find a bike bad that will hold a downhill frame with out being so pricy

Iamkieren says:

is this a sponcerd video by crc its there bag and there bike brand vitus

richandiben says:

I do it slightly differently…

1.Put a Speedlink on the chain and remove it.
2.Remove rear derailleur, wrap and attach it to the inside of the frame.
3.Remove Rotors to stop them getting too bent.
4.Wrap some bubble wrap around the bars and attach to frame
5.Stuff your boots and helmet in with your bike.
6.Never had to let the air out of my shocks!

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