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How To Pack A Cardboard Bike Box – VIDEO


Ceballos Martin Enrique says:

Hi guys! I'm getting my first carbon bike and I need to pack it to take it home. I'm worried about having the rear triangle crushed. what's your opinion to avoid that? I was thinking on using a block of styrofoam to make the box mote resistant. ..

Ivan Granados says:

How do you call what you have used to cover the frame? cheers

jaded94 says:

used the method in this video flying back from a tour and about to use it a second time! cheers gcn.

AyeeDee87 says:

You forgot to bubble wrap your bottle haha!
Handy video, thanks for the upload!

ocripcurrent says:

Don't forget a fork dropout spacer brace!!!

Michael Sean Muldoon says:

thanks guys, I just repacked mine after watching this to send it to Cape Town 🙂

Can'tstump Thetrump says:

A lot of people below are saying airlines make it mandatory to deflate tyres, and i just want to add that I flew with my bike last week in Australia, and the airline I flew on had it mandatory that regardless of the bike you ride, that you take off your handlebars, the front wheel, the front wheel was positioned near the rear wheel, and the pedals were off. So each airline has their own rules, so make sure you check what their rules are before you fly. If you're in Australia, follow what's in this video and you'll hit nearly all airlines guidelines.

Klaudyna Iwaniewicz says:

Where can I get bubble wrap?

Aw Seeogaan says:

Leave the back wheel on…. That is the way it comes in a bike box anyway.

raptuspl says:

I got a 61cm xl frame and keep the rear wheel and derailleur (set the the easy gear) on. The handlebar is tied and secured to the fork. Also a good idea to put all the clothes in. In the video you put the bike in the box without securing the chainrings which might get damaged during the transport. I keep the chain on the big dog to avoid the sharp teeth going through the protective layer. So far no problems at all 🙂

Debashish Kaushik says:

that does not look good for the bike at all

Razvan Andrei says:

Very nice video guys, thank you !

fred says:

I'd put a spare spindle or something similar in place of the wheels between the front and rear forks to stop them getting crushed. Useful vid.

Michael Derocher says:

+Global Cycling Network Thanks for letting me share my passion with my folks this holiday season!! and for saving me from some grief! Great video. To all the doubtful, + free shipping materials = win. $50 ain't bad.

Mark Lindsey says:

I also add some polystyrene foam to the forks and rear drops outs for support and then add blocks of foam the width of the box for extra support.  Good ideas here.

Michael Alquist says:

Good video but I've traveled exclusively with ONLY a bike box, so here are several things to remember:.
1) Place a wheel on each side of the bike frame (not both sides as shown). This will even the distribution of weight and allow for even better protection of the frame above what he's done there. Buy two small rubber balls (like the ones you'd buy for your dog) slice a few slots and slide over the outside facing hub center and tape, this way they won't penetrate the box. With that said, I've never used a box that I couldn't leave the rear wheel on but if you're unlucky enough to not get a box that is sized appropriately the method shown in the video will work.
2) Buy two tennis balls, cut slices in both and press over the end of each front fork prior to sizing and cutting the pipe wrap over forks. This will keep the forks from penetrating through the cardboard.
3) It appears the box was either too small or he didn't push the seat post all the way down into the seat stay. By pushing the seat post down, you can place your bike helmet (for those smart enough to wear and own one!) over the seat, this provides a super strong push out from the frame AND the helmet will actually fit perfectly in the box without bulging. Tape the helmet to the frame (more on why in #5
4) Tape the handlebars securely (he did not do that), otherwise they'll flail around and yes.. they can and will scratch the frame somehow!
5) If you are shipping this with you in the USA OR if it is going to the USA, forget about putting a lot of tape to seal as the TSA WILL open the box for inspection and reseal with TSA labeled tape anyway.. so don't get to elaborate, you'll only be disappointed when you get to your destination and find your pretty box has been violated! Remember to secure those wheels with tape to the frame in such a way (he did not do this in the video)
6) He is correct – do not include items like the pedals.SPD's or other small items unless you want them to fall out somehow
7) If you are returning (round trip) be sure to use a marker to identify on the pipe wraps where they go and take pictures with your smartphone once you're done so you remember exactly how you did it the first time. And NEVER leave water in your water bottles as the TSA has a habit of throwing them away if they do upon opening and inspection AND your bike might be tagged for further inspection and you won't see it on the other end of your trip..! Take it from me!
8) Take everything of value out of the seat post bag or it could be confiscated. I had a friend who left a bike tool and since it had a knife blade, it wasn't there when we got to the island!, and
9) Deflate your tires.. mandatory by the airlines, but not all inspections catch this. if you do not deflate your tire will most likely explode in the box while at high altitude.

Christopher Mahon says:

And this is what Eurostar wants now? Yikes.

Pedro Pinilla says:

GCN gents, how about a video to built a box from scratch? Here is a good suggestion for you.
Either you built it out of scrap boxes from the local groceries store or you get proper tick flat cardboard panels.
I have not used any other method for transporting my bike in 10+ trips. Yes, I know it is a bit time consuming but it works. I would suggest to lay you frame flat on one of the panels and secure all the gear to it using electrical wire straps (certainly need to protect frame with soft cloth or padding). I always reinforce the box in these areas; forks, crank, rear-deraillouer. Then, you place that panel as a single unit with all the stuff within the box area and built the box around it.
Cheers, hope you try.

Josh Gray says:

I've had success with this method. A couple of tips: place a length a copper water pipe between the front forks and reinsert the skewer to prevent the forks getting squashed. And if the box has a hole on either side for carrying reinforce these with lots of tape.

steganographer says:

airlines make it compulsory to deflate tires..

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