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How to go mountain biking in the street

After two weeks of rainy weather, the mountain bike trails are closed for maintenance. When trails aren’t an option, you can always find stuff to ride around town, this is usually referred to as riding street.

Riding street can be really fun, and it forces you to be creative and inventive with your surroundings. If your bike is set up for the trails, just pumping up the tires a little more makes it fine for street. I also stiffen up my suspension a bit by adding air, but this isn’t required.

Start by picking a spot, be it a curb, or a little bump in the pavement. Ride the same spot for a while, and it’s called a session. Sessioning forces you to squeeze every possibility out of your surroundings. After a while you’ll start to consider everything in town to be a potential spot for a session.

The more techniques you have in your street riding toolbox, the easier it is to be creative. Bunny hops, endos, fakies, and 180s are all super useful, but it doesn’t stop there. Here we’re bombing this hill but starting off with an endo. Putting these two techniques gives you a combo. Let’s call it an “endo-dive”.

Embankments can be really fun spots to session, and here you can practice a 180 turn. Start by manualling at the top of the bank, and then add a hop at the end. Make sure you’re looking in the direction you want to go, which should be over your shoulder. With a little practice, you can get more of the spin to actually be in the air. I’m not sure how useful this is on the trails, but it sure is fun.

The more experience you have on street obstacles, the more fun you can have. I sweat my balls off sessioning this picnic table today. Who says you need trails to get a workout? Practicing the same technique over and over until you get it can be a emotional roller coaster. The more time you invest, the more pissed off you get when you just can’t get it. But when you finally stick your landing, it’s all worth it.

Street sessions with friends are some of my fondest memories. Although I usually ride street alone nowadays, I get to share my sessions with you guys. So thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll see you next time.

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Tony B says:

Great vid Seth. I really like Street Riding too. Brings me back to my BMX days. Just curious, if you don't mind telling, what do you do for work, is it bike related?

Dr.Jofi says:

Whats the name of the 180 spin trick at 0:39? Thx!

Forest 1 says:

Umm do you have a video on how to jump,i cant find it,and when you are jumping bigger jumps on trail do i need to pull on my handlebars,i mean should i push my weight down and on the end of take off should i push my weight up and pull on my bars so the front wheel goes a bit more than a back wheel,and at the end of the jump pull down my handlebars so i land on both wheels at the same time.I hope you understand me cause im not expert and i would be so grateful if you answer my question cause that is what bothers me alot,because i saw many YT videos on how to jump and some of them are doing one thing some of them another thing.Thank you once again,you are the awesome rider! :)

Thorsten Matheis says:

Hey Seth, cool video. At :048 you driving down a very steep decent and you use a kind of manual technique to not bump your front wheel into the ground. Could you do a tutorial on that? because I have the feeling that this technique would help not to go over the front steering.

Miguel Bernaldo says:

Hi seth can you please make a video on how to wash your mountain bike properly please, i really love your videos

MrLincoln87 says:

Helmet this time round eh?

Thanks for all the tips so far bud =D

Yuu Shigure says:

Can't wait to see your BMX vids, Seth! Good job man!

Joe Bailey says:

Cool as always Seth! Sweaty balls and all ;)

heisenberg says:

I'm learning so much from you. Keep em' coming

jacob pocock says:

Hey seth what trek model is that mtb?

Ironbarkbushkraft says:

Awesome vid Seth, man I wish I could move my bike like that, I have a trek 29 and can barely get the fucker off the ground, not thru lack of trying and I'm not weak, im 38 :(

Eryk J says:

Have you ever thought of doing bike vloging?

Pit BULL says:

Can you make kann stoppi Tutorial?

igkymf6ils says:

Awesome!! Someday i'll be able to do all that!! Keep it up!

loadingcart says:

Amazing videos as usual :)

mixonEPA says:

What kind of camera do you use DSLR?

elmer444 says:

Nice to see you wearing a helmet for once. And you guys commenting below, he has a box background.

Projectepic says:

I was watching another of your amazing videos and then my phone told me you uploaded this one. must be my lucky day

Nick Kolb says:

I can't imagine what you could do on a bmx bike!!! You should try it out you have so much more leverage and room to get higher and cleaner tricks

djchino says:

Cool!! its kind of BMX'ing on a Mountain bike

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