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How To Get Faster Every Time You Ride Your MTB | Mountain Bike Skills – VIDEO


Global Mountain Bike Network says:

What tricks do you use to get faster on the bike?

Bnadit says:

As I always say, ride at the edge of control. Not out of control but not totally in control either. Ride that fine edge and you will get faster and faster.

Zachariah Bowden says:

1:59 who else wanted Neil to gap the whole rock garden??

Warner Stephens says:

So cool to c u guys filming this video in the woods made it very special cheers

KRAD Racing says:

#askgmbn could I race enduro on my bike(130 mil travel 29er. I ride enduroish trails and somtimes at my local ski hills dh track. I feel fast but have no conparison to others who would race or how much it would slow me down.

Caleb N. says:

I probably actually need a mountain bike if I want to get faster…

Kyle Salvador says:

#askGMBN I'm participating in a xc bike race any tips on training before

migatron1 says:

This Marc Beaumont is pretty good!

Carlo Bianchi says:

How about a Gmbn go road cycling video?

Adrian Lucio says:

I can't stand scotts bike painting job… their bikes are way better than the way they look.

Victor Giannella says:

What about on the street? I ride street for fun but I feel like I gain skills but not get faster

yas96225 says:

My prediction: in 5 years there will be hardly any Germany riders in the pro circus. Strava has revolutionized cycling making people compete and push themselves on a daily basis. As Germany is a Strava desert, they will not be able to keep up.

Jesper Andersson says:

Q: Have you guys made a video that compare the speed/time of an incorrect (like, really really incorrect) suspension setting vs a suspension setting that you customized to suit you?

DoraTheDestroya says:

GMBN do a behind the scenes episode

Valentin Sirvent says:

Why you don't give your Strava username ?

Ann Smith says:

great video

Donwhill Tribute DHT says:

adoro tambem mtb mais eu gosto mesmo e de dht ou fhd

Maciek Waligorski says:

Are you using your Spark as a trail bike or XC bike Neil?

Tom Littler says:

go running and do pressups!

Caleb Johnson says:

Those trails are SICK!

Andy Hill says:

At 3:16 Neil sounds like that dude from street fighter!

The chosen 1 says:

Ride True Enduro trails, like the rutted out ones here in California, not jus free ride jumps like crapapple.

Jat28 says:

where are these trails? they look amazing

Spong Spop says:

WoW your Bike is insane.How much did u pay for this bike in this video ?

Karl Lindberg says:

Blakes bike looks amazing love that color

Tim Dijkhuizen says:

Are you guys planning to come to the netherlands sometimes?

Smells like Blackberries says:

Don't be afraid to mess around with your settings on your shock well I set the High and low speed compression and a bolt fell of and a bearing now my fork is getting shipped 10 states away to get fixed thanks gmbn! also no I am not stupid in advanced

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