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How to fly with your mountain bike – VIDEO


Michael Sowalsky says:

Just curious what your experience has been on your latest trip. I have been thinking about doing this for Vegas and Sedona trips, but it looks like a bit of a p.i.t.a. Virgin America charges only $50 though (according to their website), so it may be worth it if I'm going to ride three days or more.

George Doucherson says:

did anyone else think that this was gonna be a video of him doing insane jumps on his mountain bike

Kevin Woodard says:

go to Peru it is beautiful

Timothy´s Kitchen says:

Would recommend to put your riding Gear in your Handbag. If your Bike ends Up beeing somewhere else then you, you just have to get a Rental.

brent cabot says:

I really like the EVOC Travel bag, currently own the Dakine Bike Bag but it is simply a monstrosity. Planning a trip to Cape Town in February, may just have found my replacement bag. Thanks for the review.

Ryan Vasquez says:

For some reason, I thought this video would be about you catching some sick air!

MADelectriCITY says:

$150 covers a rental bike most places I have seen. Nothing beats a bike you know and trust though.

Mick Dundee says:

Travelled with my trek madone, never had any major travel problems but this time I got a cracked frame, broken rear derailed hangar, bent bars and snapped shifter

Nelson Pacheco says:

I could NEVER trust those bastards with my expensive ass bike!

Dan Sums says:

I'd like to see you open the bag after the flight to get an idea of the amount of moving around everything you put in does.

Magnus Edberg says:

Looks like you are basically riding every day. How do you manage to keep your legs fresh? Any stretching- or nutrition habits you are holding on to?

Victor Lin says:

Why can't it count as just luggage? it's just a bag right…not that much bigger…

Brmatt 15 says:

Almost 20k subs man! Congrats. Thinking of building a hard tail using a niner air 9 frame. Just gotta find a good cheap wheelset

Edd Arell says:

Pretty cool travel bag!

Hugo Strömberg says:

is it worth 300dollars more than another case? i don't think so!

Leon says:

tuned in 2 see somebody para-mtb

Sam Hughes says:

Do you deflate your suspension?

Thomas Grady says:

What spare parts do you usually bring with?

ianA says:

For a second there, I thought you were going to install a hang-glider system onto your frame somehow and ride it off a desert cliff lol ohhhh airports….right

MotoOutdoors says:

I watch your channel all the time lol I do plan on taking a NYC trip an may fly though. I thought about renting a citi bike but they look like junk.

Roby Goncalves says:

Thanks for the video, I use a Thule bike box

Fedee Vera says:

19k subs brian, just in one year! good gob with this videos, congratulations.. is a good channel to see, good trails, nice bikes.. first channel like this who i found, greetings from argentina

Jacynth Vinoya says:

Are you stationed in Norcal?

bermsky says:

How do you keep your hydration pack from getting moldy/funky?

Charlie Cartolano says:

What a hassle. I agree rent if you can. Years ago I shipped a bike ups for a trip. Yep it got damaged on the return ship home. Rent rent rent that bike!

Sam Long says:

put your pedals and helmet in you carry on just in case you need to rent a bike. also the tsa wants you to deflate your shock fork and tires

Dominic Maglio says:

How come you brought another set of rotors? Also, awesome video as always

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