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How To Film Your Bike Rides Using An Action Camera – GCN’s Pro Tips – VIDEO


sonicx059 says:

This is the first video I have seen from you guys. It was informative and funny. Thank you.

Buehler1997 says:

Why do you use the Garmin Virb and not GoPro and what other cameras do you use when you're filming in your "studio" or from a car or motorcycle (often when you do the intro while riding and the camera is facing you). Also what mic's do you use when cycling and on which software do you edit your footage?

Don O says:

LOL!! "He came within 12 feet!"

moussaemad says:

I wonder how much it'll cost to buy a bike if it was made by Gamin – perhaps a billion pounds. The same applies to their cameras, GPS devices..etc

Alex Lintern says:

Hi GCN please can you review cameras for personal safety….I have had two cases of motorist overtaking with insufficient clearance and also holding the horn continuously whilst passing i.e. trying to cause me to crash or fall off. I am NOT interested in uploading the pictures for any reason however I (and possibly many others) do want to feel safer from threats from abusive drivers. If the minority of dangerous drivers, like Dean Goble, are dealt with due to evidence (film footage) being available then perhaps the roads will become safer.

Gregg Anderson says:

Does anyone know which Garmin camera they are using?

Trần Hùng says:

I wish Amy Winehouse was alive to do a cover to this song

Owen Puckey says:

The descent wasn't crotch cam I thought it was Helmet cam

Armenian says:

Add: Wipe rag to clean lens during ride because you will sweat on the camera guaranteed.

victor koksbang says:

Thanknyou reallt really helpful!!;)))

sixstanger00 says:

Is there any way to rig up a cam to give a 3rd person view of me riding? I want to capture some footage of some of my descents, but I'd like the viewers to be able to see me riding as well – at least from the waist up, so they can see when (and if) I'm pedaling.

I've see a few guys rig up something using a selfie stick, I think…

Dejomony Lemon says:

What camera was used? I want a camera to record just for my own leisure and see if i can improve etc on my mountain bike but I don't want something too expensive pref under £100 as I don't want to fall and lose the camera and my helmet

PIXLL316 says:

how did you film yourselves at 4:22?

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