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How To Build A Beginner Mountain Bike Dirt Jump – VIDEO


Matt™ says:

Tip 1, don't do this on land you don't own…

EddyGray says:

Make more of these vids

Thomas John Solidum says:

In the Philippines we don't use logs, we use rice sacks filled with dirt and soil then stack them up on each other then pile the dirt above it

Chris Morris says:

Finally great video

Bugsy Siegel says:

can you give the name of your 3 top dirt jumpers?

Grant H says:

its one thing to do a no hander and a no footer. but to do those off a tiny jump…. that takes skill

Phoenix 07 says:

Good thing Blake wore his helmet while shoveling. You never know when the shovel will fly up and hit your head. 🙂

Ryan Goodwin says:

Make an advanced mtb jump NOT A TABLETOP

Caleb East says:

someone is trying to get a super nice in the background 4:10

Disturbed Grey says:

How do you know when it's hard enough?

Josh Lambert says:

Blake… do you need to wear your helmet when you build a jump?

Julian Schweikert says:

What type of dirt is best for jump building

Mollie Booth says:

Be safe around dirt jumps – always wear a helmet, even when digging 🙂

Keith C. says:

martyn wouldn't have caught that spade

wade cox says:

I'm going to be upgrading to a new bike but I don't know if I want a trail bike or an enduro some are really close usually with 10mm of travel! can you make a video on the differences ?

Craig Blaney says:

you know that's a flat shovel? right?

sam matchett says:

i want more dj riding vids

wizBeats VA says:

Who cares if there a bike vault shot making in the background?

Henry Bond says:

@gmbn where are those dirt jumps?

Nate Masse says:

Thats a flat shovel, not a spade shovel!

Eric Krings says:

blake can you do a video on how to Tuck No Hander

Patty Mcloughlin says:

how long did it take you

King Haro says:

I would have unsubscribed a long time ago if Blake didn't join GMBN. Keep these videos coming!

Scott Sheridan says:

I'm no genius but that's no spade.

RoostVille says:

That dirt looks prime! Blake was just patting it into shape with ease!

Jared Bliss Jared Bliss says:

Kurt Schrader, we could do a couple of these, 1 for sure on that down hill stretch on lake loop

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