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How To Avoid MTB Punctures! | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking – VIDEO


nico_ducarme says:

I run mixed brake pads with a pair of shim XT's and it is the best upgrade I've done on my bike. The metallics ones being to grabby and noisy and the organic/resin being not grabby enough, I've tried mixed and I'll never go back !

stipzao says:

#askgmbn I prefer to bunny hop left-foot-first, but when I go down reaaally steep terrain I like to go right-foot-first. Should this worry me? Should I try to fix it? Should I even be thinking about this?

Joseph Beckstead says:

#askgmbn My tubeless Maxxis Minion DHF tubeless ready front tire has started slowly seeping Stans sealant through the sidewall. It's in several places all around both sides. Tire is about a year old with about 1,100 miles of hard rough riding. Is this normal for some tubeless tires or it is a sign that even though the tire still has tread, it's been damaged or is getting worn out and ready to be replaced?

Real Dealz says:

#askgmbn how good would you rate the new scott genius LT compared to other bikes in the same price range?

Christian Gagel says:

#askgmbn i have an 2 by 11 system. is a chain guide or chain device useful?


#askgmbn Is it ok to run my bike while my tire is flat?

jordan starling says:

#askgmbn how can I get confident to go down stepper hills

Roden the rat says:

There is the KS Eten Dropper post that I think still do a 27.2 version. I had one for my Ferrari CX60… worked a Treat

Kristian Stoichkov says:

#askgmbn Guys, which bike would you recommend to get as an enduro ultimate machine between – Scott Genius LT 720 Plus and Canyon Strive CF 7.0 Race? Serious dilemma which one should i get. Cheers.

Pedo Lovez says:

#askgmbn where did mark go and why did simon leave gmbn?

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