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Extreme Mountain Biking with Xpert Thief


AutobotAssassin25 says:

Glad to see kevin helping his friends channel grow keep up the vids bro
they are amazing

Rosa Robbins says:

Can’t wait to see you team up with the crew when heists come out!! nice vid
ace keep it up

Dave Smoove says:

Great vid AcE really enjoyed it!

Aundre Jeanz says:

this! i like, tew chilled

rick says:

1:09 Oh no no no no no “ugh” ROFL

Elias Mokdad says:

Haha cool video ace! SEKC CLAN UNITED!

Michelle Elle says:

Your bike is pink, how adorable lol 

DylanDoesGaming says:

nice vid ace beast)to kev I surport the sekc army I will make a death
match between the sekc army and the haters 

SwiftGamers says:

I downloaded this race when it came out and for my first try it took me 23
tries to make it down. It’s so fun!

DJ Harper says:

I watched kevin create it

jayjay0547 says:

Kevin recorded him making it down the mountain successfully. Have you
watched his video to see how he made it?

BrosGaming says:

He Said “Finally , A Race That’s I Can Win ” LMFAOO . Sick Video Bro , As

Christian Crouch says:

you should do another great escape, they were awesome

Rafie says:

Gta 5 is gay. Watch dogs ftw 

Ben Mirailh says:

Nice vid ace i enjoyde it you do it on xbox or psn3 ?? 

paul shaw says:

I hit down in 2 tries my first time 

rollbots51 says:

Was it the first time you were playing that game mode

Brendan Wilson says:

Is Kevin back from the uk

Shaun Andrews says:

You guys should play Day Z

mert roer says:


Bryce Nicholas says:

I watch your vids everyday and you never fail to entertain, keep it up XT

Michael Harding says:

whats it called, extreme mountain biking? i wanna try.

RAZRfreak says:

OMG Zane you got freaking lucky at 3:36!

FireBall says:

That was awesome keep up the funny videos man!

TSG crew says:

keep up the awesome vids man 

Anoush Shah says:

Nice vid, u guys r really good

Mud Ball says:

i tried this about 5 times and gave up. too challenging when all i want to
do is grind and level up.

Christian Jablonski says:

Great channel AcE.

Dee gray says:

Keep it up I watch ur vid and there always good 

Brett Dimmick says:

U have a ps3

Nick Brundage says:

That was so sick

nasser almansouri says:

great video 

Carlos Fuentes says:

Love your videos don’t let the hate get to you keep making more I support

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