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GoPro Hero5 Black: Mountain Bike Park Leogang. Video Stabilization, Wind Noise – VIDEO


APOLO G.R says:

wata fucking

DarthNihilus_CL says:

that "image error" at 3:10 is just your sit hitting the camera

Israel Souza says:

Quem for brasileiro curte aq ¿?

Paolo Germani says:

È meglio la GoPro hero5, la Sony fdr x3000 o la Garmin Virb ultra 30?

Erbenis Reshani says:

kaj si normalen

Banditexpe 205 says:

Want bike do you use?

ProfessorPepper says:

You show just as much finesse with your mountain biking skill as well as your gopro. Very entertaining!

solocake gamer says:

did u talk with you camera to start and stop recording

RealityTV says:

Was sollen die scheiß cuts immer musst du immer auf halber Strecke Pause machen weil du son Lauch bist oder was ?

Stian Jorge Jarnæss says:

Great movie! Thanx for pointing out the difference stabilization vs non.

Vitor Loco says:

se eu tivesse uma bike dessa eu fazia

KrasGamingBG says:

Where is this track

Mikderrusse says:

Wo ist das dieser ort

Tamires Marinho says:

Aí que lindo

Shoto Uke says:

trop top. Ça déchire !

Doge Channel says:

that's awsome

Carlos Sanchez says:

Hello, amazing video, what software did you use for the edition? What codec for rendering and settings? I'll appreciate your response. Thanks!

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