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GMBN’s Guide To Trail Bike Suspension Set Up | Mountain Bike Tips

Getting your mountain bike suspension right for trail riding will help you to go faster through the whole trail.
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If you’re luck enough to have more than one mountain bike, your trail bike is your do-it-all ride. If you just have the one bike, well, that’s your trail bike. Suspension set up for bikes that you ride a huge variety of terrain on is really a balancing act; getting everything *just* right for climbing, flat fire road and technical descents will force you to consider your riding style and what you want to get from your bike.

So, here are our tips for getting this balance right for all of your riding. Got something to add? Let us know down in the comments.

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Sean Markow says:

I dont know how to make my suspension have more sag.

Mikael Majamäki says:

is it normal that my fork makes a sqhishi sound when i push on it ? its a rock shox secktor

Deborah Lutz says:

so the more air you have in your shocks is the less they are going to move or more there going to move?

John Richards says:

on my bikes front forks it says rebound with a plus and minus for each way its turned im looking into doing american bunnyhops so i want them to spring up fastto hely me get hight which way should i go?

hadoukennumber13 says:

What's the difference between the red and grey tokens that fit the Rockshox Pike?

Kaz H says:

I use suspension with springs not air

Stefan Denic says:

mate, which is that mudguard you have on front wheel?

Asaad Shaikh says:

My suspension fork says preload so less preload makes it softer?

Tobias Torgersen says:

is it dangerous for my fork/schok that I bottom out?

CALDER The Gamer says:

What bike is best to start with that is relatively cheap

Pablo Santiago says:

Great explanations and probably the most clear sag discussion I've seen. It makes a lot of sense now.

Tsut75 says:

That's the clearest explanation of how to set up suspension I've found. Many thanks.

Second Base Hero says:

Can you put dual crown forks on trail bikes? I really like downhill suspension but mine is so heavy

Matias Sepulveda says:

But what happend with the compression set up?

JUKEBOXX1990 says:

Trail bikes are exactly what I want, but so many choices.

Giant Trance 27.5 3 is on my short list though.

Matt Marshman says:

would you recommend having less sag on a shorter travel bike (140mm)

Thomas Wheeler says:

Is this the same for a downhill bike could you do a video on how to set up suspension on a dh bike

Bullseye Fowl says:

Neil how many bikes do you have? I've seen you on Canyon, GT, and now Scott! which is your favorite all mountain?

Jumpa says:

that cable routing!

Diane Giles says:

I'm a road rider new to mountain biking. Pedaling while standing feels wrong. I have a Pivot mach 4 with 100 travel. It's not a lot of travel. Is there something in my setup I need to change?

MTB Channel: On Track says:

Useful tips for bikers. :)

Peter Knutson says:

Is there any way you guys can go over some of the different rear suspension designs and the pros and cons of each?

Torian “TJ” Allen says:

Super informative!

Mark Taylor says:

Where is the Nomad ? Or is that one of many bikes?

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