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Fern Freeway – Alpine Trail – Mountain Biking Oakridge, Oregon – VIDEO


Elin Schlichting says:

I live in Eugene, 40 minute drive away from oak ridge.. alpine is one of my favs for sure

Jordan Keeler says:

i dont have money to spend on a trip to oregon, but man, you guys are tempting me…

GurnakeDaSnakeMon says:

Straight gangsta as usual. Your boys are rippers. Looks like you guys had a blast. Wish you posted the flower….it made a guy get his phone out. I hate getting my phone out on the trail lol must have been nifty

MTB Action Cam says:

Blazing speed!! Awesome riding and video!

TP Rides says:

Getin' pitted

gogovitch66 says:

sick flying through the woodz! 8-)) Thx! It was candy to my eyes, though I'm not a fan of this gimbal smoothness. How come this wearable is not drifting towards the outside the berms? Is it a special setting or ability of the Feyu ss?

Motogromer says:

Awesome video guys!

mtbbuddys says:

looks amazing out there guys , i bet is a really fun trail ….

Ian Enciso says:

u Shred so fast… do you run an open face or full face?

konstantinos giotis says:

High speed luna park. Great trail.

Hugh Hill says:

When are you going to ride the YT you won shotguning a beer?

Alan says:

fast and flowy!

jan bz says:

it's way more awesome when someone rides in front of you!

WisXC says:

What more could ask for the beautiful sound of freewheel for 10 minutes -saweeet

MTBdropIN says:

Dude that snow was wick!!! Probably great ridding wearther!!!

PhantomRider86 says:

Great video on this fast trail!! You guys were killin' it !

rologti says:

what a nice place and great riding!!!
some careless trees just stand in the middle of the trail! keep an eye on them!!!
I would really love to have a trail like that near home!!!

Richard Hayter says:

Two things:
1: that looks like pure trail perfection, and
2: Bryce. Is. Insane.

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