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Extreme Urban Downhill Mountainbike Ride – VIDEO


Bernie Verrills says:

Only just found yr ride, excellent stuff, I wish my rides were as 'interesting' as the one I've just watched, in fact I really wish I had a mate who knew some rides like that, "awesome" as the yanks would say.

Expinupgirl says:

thanks for sharing!

Unai Ugalde says:

beautiful place

Kevin Delporte says:

nice video, thanks!

Carlo Santarelli says:

Dove si trova questo paese? molto bello.

Luper says:

please wear on your head next time

David Hansson says:

Where is it?

Cluj Biking says:

but where is the extreme part though?

Darryl Becker says:

If you think that's good, try riding back up all of it

crimsonfox87 fluxule says:

If they were to fall off those cliffs at any point in their journey, they'd be fucked period.

Tristan Whitter says:

Watch these guys riding down some really gnarly stuff

Tristan Whitter says:

Y where u guys going so slow

Ivaylo Valchanov says:

se edno karam v selo 😀

Afonso Freitas says:

Still waiting for the extreme part.

Darren McShane says:

i couldn't watch that due to the bad camera shake it was driving me crazy. get that cam mounted on your head!

Chris Moore says:

"Rockstar Classic. Red Bull can stick it up their f**king *ss!"  

As a Rockstar drinker with a 3-a-day habit, I approve this message!

Taro Hanako says:

I want MTB, but downhill seems difficult…

Martin Ingleby says:

bit slow and never seemed to have front wheel failed in

Martin BezecnĂ˝ says:

Needs more dubstep.

Zack Lauw says:

what camera was this filmed on

eko eko says:

Diamondbacks rules!!!!

Lex Logan says:

why are all of you riding so slow? =D

Gabriele Saviano says:

this is a beautiful location . I'm from Naples . where is it? in Italy ?

Matt Bradley says:

I do downhilling myself I ain't no where near as good as those guys tho I vwish I had the opportunity to ride that course I also ride hard tail so it would be a great challenge

riccardo garibbo says:

ma dove è estremoooooo !?

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