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Downhill Extreme Mountainbiking Freeride DH MTB awesome!!!

Awesome downhill video !! truely great video !! 😀
shot on Canon 7D withwhole range of different lenses and equipment and gear. 50 frames per second.

soundtrack : Bonobo – All In Forms.

Mitch Delfs Project. calvins creative. (see in the credits)

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Jan Schmidt says:

Very Nice!

Đức Anh Nguyễn says:

NICE!!! so cool

CodyH says:

Is this Sunshine Coast, QLD? All those pine trees! 

reztrixder says:

Hell yeah!!! One word sums it all up, "KONA!!"

Alberto Mollar says:

Where is that?

Jeff Lott says:

I agree with halfpipefreak. Riding a real DH trail on a hard tail will destroy you and your bike. In fact, riding a real DH trail on a big bike can still destroy you and your bike…

mattismadforcod says:

Where was this taken mate? Good job

ChuckMamuck says:

1:40 Perfectly executed face plant dismount to tree.

jpena70 says:

That guy slammed soo hard!!

Jez Clements says:

full suspension has progressed from hardtail riding which has progressed from rigid (no suspension) – mid 1990s downhill biking and late 80s was all like this, just search "1990s downhill mountain biking"

Ricardo Saldias Tilleria says:

Est� lindo -> goo.glKsxZOp

Daniel M. Garcia says:

dude that was so fucking fast.

Ben Chandler says:

completely agree with halfpipefreak! I did dh on my hardtail and felt every minute mistake I made, casing a jump was a pain all over, over shooting a jump sent a shock up my whole body but a full sus with good coil and oil on the rear gave me a lot more lee way, you could get away with rougher features on a course, drops felt so good as well!

iTzMrMcBaggin says:

The reason there's not HD, 720p, or 1080p is because you didn't export it with those settings.

Jordan Clements says:

It's a downhill bike, Kona Supreme

BMXGUY says:

what kind
of bike was that ?

DAVEdvd123 says:

Ok, thanks dude =)

halfpipefreak says:

you mean hard tail. but not so good. if you go real DH. i definately suggest full suspension double crown fork and a big rear damper (coil and oil).

DAVEdvd123 says:

How good is hard-tale in downhill?

Jordan Goff says:

It all has to do with how you render and shoot, if you don't render it in 720p or 1080p its not going to have the option on here

Timo L. says:

nice dude and very fast. looks funny

havikmc says:

Poor pine tree when he crashed! haha

halfpipefreak says:

haha i gave your comment a positive vote xD

Evil demo says:

This comment has received too many negative votes

sixty-nine 彡 says:


Léon Perrin says:

Nice video !

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