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Cross Country VS Enduro Mountain Bike Race | The Ultimate MTB Battle – VIDEO


requiemforaflower says:

I dont care about comparisons if you dont lock out the front and rear shock on the enduro for the climb-…

simonExplorer says:

Great video!
I love both disciplines

Wouter Feijen says:

finally the video I always wanted

Vladimír Vešelényi says:

one FS-LOCKED, one HT on a climb at least about 10-20min would be nice 🙂 really want to know how much doest that shock take

TheMattfell says:

need more races……………………………………. this was good fun @GMBN

Ryan Thomson says:

Come to Cwmcarn and do it… Twrch or Cafal Climb then pedal hounds or Y Mynydd DH

William Keys says:

That fork flex at 2:50

Tamas Varga says:

Boring fire road uphill and proper fun trail on the way down – I'm riding for fun so for me there is no question… 🙂 But it was a great video guys!

Underscorer says:

What if one rider is faster or more conditioned than the other…

DJay Cabrera says:

agree with @Stuart Carson

Will Campbell says:

Forest of dean, great place to ride

Austin H says:

"downhill like a scolded cat"……"claw back that time"…. i've seen many things today, but amongst it all, I see what you did there.

PatmonTV says:

i just want ask because i can't do manual no MTB is it because my bike si too big??
ps. ican do manual on BMX

Erazem Cernic says:

You should do 29inch vs 27.5 inch wheels

Steven Syrko says:

I have always been a hardtail fan,  I just don't enough downhill to justify a full suspension bike

Shannon Dalton says:

That was fun

Justin Kamerman says:

But which one was way more fun!?

Khyren Hoskovec says:

So the bike made to go uphill was faster on the uphill, and the bike made for more downhill was faster on the downhill. Who knew?

larsboeije says:

can you pedal uphill with a dual crown fork?

Cam Shaft says:

Should have traded bikes……

razorree says:

maybe HT AM (150-160mm fork) vs Enduro (150-160mm full sus) ??

Route 63 Motorsports says:

This is a big reason I just got my Giant Anthem SX. My Santa Cruz is built for downhill and sucks all the energy out of me.

Michael Clark says:

That was some serious 80's montage music!

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