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# Compilation of extreme / falls in Downhill Mountain Biking [ NEW HD]

# Compilation of extreme / falls in DownhillMountain Biking [ NEW HD]
# Compilation of extreme / falls in Downhill Mountain Biking [ NEW HD]
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JosipRadnik1 says:

most falls arent too extreme – thank god they aren't!

David Johnson says:

It looks like someone learned how to cartoonize or art effect video's but badly, shame, it could have been good.

FlyingDynamite says:

1080p? XD
These are 360

John Viveiros909 says:


LILF says:

blurry shit!!!

MTB Benediktbeuern-Bichl says:

Falls in Downhill Mountain Biking 

RC .PRO says:

# Compilation of extreme / falls in Downhill Moun…:

PoftimCultura says:

hello! Song please?

Eduard G says:

I feel sorry for most of them

Hansjørgen Buhrkall says:

If i put the video quality to 144p, the little blue sign at the lower right corner, actualy looks like the footage 😉
(you know what that says about the quality of your "HD" video?)

And what's up with the 7000 descriptions of the video?
"downhill showboard"… "mens ski boots"… "bikes for sale uk"… "downhill domination ps2 cheats"…"what is mt.mansfield downhill skiing"

Kubilay Degirmenci (KD) says:

Holy shit!!!!!!!!! 

Eduardo2y3t says:

This video belongs to canal youTube "Eduardo 2y3t."

zkbryyss says:

pies w majtkach:p lol 1;59

vex123 says:

where can I find the video cover photo?

przybylason says:

this reminds me of when i ate shit hella hard. fucked my shoulder. picked gravel out of my skin for days

Just go for it! says:

1:20 pure dedication. Haha

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