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Big Lines and Best Downhill MTB Crashes from Cairns

Ride over to for more downhill MTB footage! The Cairns event of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup had riders hitting huge gaps, muddy roc…

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Gabriel Gattringer says:

Some really big crashes from the UCI MTB World Cup Downhill race in Cairns,
#redbull #ucimtbworldcup #downhillmountainbiking 

zamir kimhi says:

גם המקצוענים נופלים

daironification says:

Lol those kids at the beginning xD

Lord Trollington says:

This rock garden must’ve been a bitch :p

mikelo303 says:

I would go on Spec 29er enduro over this. I mean I would never do it but if
I had to I would choose 29er for this. 

thechosendude says:

Too bad Ratboy didn’t win. Next time.

Arturo Stacey says:

This type of track is to go hard or go home

danielharding1998 says:

Genuinely annoyed that Greg Minnaar was disqualified for going off the
track and re-entering with an ‘advantage’.. It’s a fix – I called it first!

bringingtherukas says:

no mud is as slick as Aussie mud, Especially Nth Qld Mud

David Alexandru says:

those fucking wet rocks must have been a bitch

Blackhawk51806 says:

Not as epic without those amazing commentators.

Still can’t believe that some of those guys were riding with SPD. Any
advantage isn’t even worth the trouble in that muck.

braidon tennant says:

meh that was alright, /watch?v=6asUK6jQUEQ

Satellite says:

that rock garden was nasty man.

Thomas Best says:

Gee Atherton all the way!

Bowtieinthesky ouo says:

The rock gardens are just horrible .3. its lucky nobody got seriously hurt
from that v-v

BrannonBrett says:

Does anyone know a good HT bike to get for dirt Jumps? I want to get into
it, but I don’t want to buy the wrong thing, and I want to get my moneys

ST productions says:


Jed Stephenson says:

yeah ratboy

seagulls4life12 says:

That young rock garden though..

TheFreak1499 says:

Did gee and rachel atherton win again ? Nice :)

MRkiz1 says:

wheres the guy that split his leg open! and then the medic got someone from
the crowd to ride his bike down to the bottom for him and the spectator
knocked himself out for 2 hours.

garciajosue71 says:

+Red Bull has anyone ever tried to do downhill event in a 160mm fork? if so
im about to do it 

danielharding1998 says:

UK for the Win! Well done Gee and Rach!

fkn16v says:

Congrats to ever had the retarded idea of 3-4 cameras, well done mate you
deserve a pay rise my friend and with that you can have 5-7 cameras next
time you dumb ass.

Why even have the event live with 3 or 4 cameras, total waste of time and

ViceGaming says:

That rock garden looked like a killer. 

PLxFTW says:

The fans seem a wee bit crazy.

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