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Best 2017 Mountain Bike Tech From The Taipei Cycle Show – VIDEO


Dean Sinclair says:

enough about the b** e**s, Si!

M Hilmy Fauzi says:

Si is the best host on GMBN (whoops). i REALLY need that box one

Trolling Berry says:

SHOCKWIZ AGAIN this is shockwiz video nr 6.

Seamus Goodin says:

they missed the new 1×12 drivetrain from Now8

Miles Pearce says:

Innovatyre, that's called an inner tube

RichVideoW says:

Si should help out more often!!!

Lester Ma says:

I hope the manufacture of mt bike components aren't made in China because they will look god but won't last long in other words fast while it lasts

RAWdy Ride says:

The main advantage of "Innova tires"'s design of tubeless tyre with integrated tube is that the logo on the the tyre is always aligned! 😀

Ryan w.i says:

welcome to Taiwan 😉

Skills With Phil says:

Just want to update one thing that was said, the Cane Creek Helm is internally adjustable from 100-170mm, but it works optimally between ~140-170mm. Thanks for the coverage 🙂

Oxide says:

ya boi doctor who at the tai-pay cycle show

Hayo Van Dijk says:

Haha good to see Si back on the channel

B007 says:

I'm definitely getting the excd!!

ZeroSeriesMMX says:

It ain't Si if he didn't pick up on the XC stuff, and there are loads of good ones! Damn, though… the RockShox Judy is enough to evoke man tears from some of the folks here.

Oh yeah, good thing Martyn didn't get a hold of this video — "bar ends" will be censored every single time!

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