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Baggy Mountain Bike Clothing, What to wear mountain biking

Baggy Mountain Bike Clothing, What to wear mountain biking

The correct mountain bike clothing can make your ride much more enjoyable. If you have ever wondered what to wear when mountain biking, then this video and its sibling video on tight mountain bike clothing are exactly what you want to see.

When choosing what to wear when mountain biking, you want to stick with items that are durable, moisture wicking and well made. Especially with baggy mountain bike shorts you will want to find gear that has a high quality chamois, good stitching, durable material and a good inner liner with comfortable elastic leg grippers.

I hope this video helps you choose the right kind of baggy mountain bike clothing for your rides. If you have any questions pelase leave them as a comment on this video.

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Tight mountain bike clothing video:

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Ben Kelly says:

Just wear whatever the fuck you want and tell anyone that has a problem with it to get fucked.

mikeflemming711 says:

True about the store part….ive seen lots of men walking around the store with there bulge hanging out. Give me a break. 

doomham100 says:

Ive always worn boxers under my shorts. Never had ANY sort of problem.

Chad Bolton says:

I was wondering if you could you wear compression shorts under pants?

Ruan Van der Westhuizen says:

How well does baggy shorts work on longer rides, from lets say 25 – 60 miles? Will it be fine, or so irritating that one would really prefer the tight stuff?

Rechard Pornes says:

A very imformative video sir, it really helps me alot.
Thank you for the advice.

The RedAlpha says:

What about like when you put shorts under skindex tights 

William Nkosana says:

I think we should wear something when going mountain biking.

Lmor231 says:

can you tell me the name of the baggies? im searching good and cheap one

Diego Cáceres says:

No underwear!!!!! poor my balls!!! auch!

That1person says:

I've been running Dickies straight fit pants with a Fox t-shirt in addition to my full face helmet for all of my downhill and I think it is a great system. Just my 2 cents. Thanks

Joel Jalique says:

Thank you for this. As soon as I open the vid, I immediately subscribed since I need to learn more from the master's wisdom. :D

Nenad Bulatovic says:

Where can I buy such a baggies that you have shown on video?

CourtingPanic says:

My recommendation…. no skivvy pants, lycra with chamois, board shorts on top. Any swim trunks will be made of some type of synthetic material to help wick the sweat and with lycra underneath it doesn't mater if they have a liner. One word to the wise, make sure the trunks are either long enough or short enough not to get caught on the seat post quick release. Any synthetic shirt works. No cotton.

Jeff Vaughn Truggies says:

Very informative video man thanks. Just what I was looking for cause I'm looking a pair of baggy shorts. Whats your take on the Fox brand of shorts I've been looking at those.


I never understood why everyone riding bikes in big groups looked like a bunch of power rangers in there skin tight shirts and spandex shorts…..untill I decided to try mountain biking…10 min later It all made sense. lol is there like the best pair you would recommend?

Karolis Kerpys says:

First I would like to to thank for all the info, but i still have one quetion. I see lots of Jersey shirts on stores online, but most of them are long sleeves.Why is it so? Isnt it too hot to ride it? Do Elbow protection fits under them or it is beeing weared on the shirt? Unfortunatelly i live in non mountain area, so i have to cycle a lot to get on top of any small mountain so is it worth buying long sleeve Jersey?

DatPolishGuy says:

thank you this is really helpful i am just starting mb i was biking for  couple of years but not on trails or woods but still thanks 

KaiserjiM23 says:

woah no underwear?.. so you ride a bike with baggy shorts only? or are you saying you need a cycling shorts inside of your baggy shorts?

Lee52052 says:

Thank you very much…a very good advice….like..;)

da112568 says:

Being a black guy. I don't wear biker shorts because it is too revealing. It is too tight on the buttocks, my male genitalia and my testicles. I rather wear T-shirt/or tank top and loose fit shorts with supportive shorts to keep everything in place if not I will suffer a groin injury in case of accident. To beat the sweat I will use talcum powder for my body and apply degree (solid deodorant), carry small hand towel with a bottle of water or canister to refill it every hour or more.

TexasMTBtrails says:

A lot of brands make baggy clothing. My favorites are Louis Garneau and Fox. But you can find other brands like Troy Lee Designs, Hincapie, Descente and many many more.

My suggestion, click the link in the description to go back to our website. Then look on the right hand side for an amazon button. Once at Amazon, search "mountain bike shorts" and you'll see a ton of them. Plus, if you purchase anything it will send a very small 4% of the sale back to our site.

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