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Amazing Mountain Biking in Nepal with Sacred Rides


telemarkclinique says:

This is soooo nice!

emmal Rana says:

any body know which section of GTH is this trail? pretty amazing

Mike Brcic says:

Hi Graham: Spring and Fall are the best times to visit (March/April and Oct./Nov). This video was shot in March 2013 by one of the riders on our Treasures of the Himalaya trip. Drop us a line at ride (at) sacredrides (dot) com if you want to know more about this incredible trip!

graham bell says:

what time of the year is the best time to Visit this Range, and When was this Video taken Please ? Its Marvelous & Magnificent Scenery !!

SLY923 says:

you’d be asking questions like the one you just did.

Splendid Nepal says:

superb mate.

makelovenotwartpla says:

What would happen when i go there 5:34 with non-brake bike ? 😀
Nice video keep it up!

mike kunnecke says:

I didn’t know I was acrophobic until as saw the last scene ; -)

kampamanvp says:

Кто поставил не нравится тот ОсЁл женского рода

Sacred Rides says:

glad you enjoyed it! Feel free to repost 🙂

GoProCamera says:

Those are some incredible views. Wow!

Keith Barton says:

It was an absolutely amazing day! “Epic” is so over-used, but does well to describe this day in one word.

John Bozi says:

dood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woow

cess916 says:


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