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6 Ways To Lose Weight While Mountain Biking | MTB Training – VIDEO


ScotyFoxy55 says:

anyone els feel guilty of watching this with a huge slab of christmas cake…

Jan Špale says:

The two last advices are absolute key to all the fitness. I know some of you might think that there is some kind of secret in it, but nope, just ride and keep it fun ! 🙂 Unless you're racing or pro, don't make it too complicated and enjoy each and every ride.

dannyfag1 says:

Where are the trails in the vid?

ImaginaryGarage says:

This does simply come down to eat less (crap) and exercise more, but as a society we do need reminding! I'v taken on the fasted ride idea – tried that out this am for the first time, and will continue. Just need to get out on the bike more.

Jay Morris says:

Steak and beer the night before, quick shag with the wife in the morning, nice dump whilst reading a magazine then ride!!!! Always a bacon sandwich and milkshake after.

Setu Hariyani says:

2. Fasted Rides
5. Just Ride
6. Keep It Fun

Flatzout says:

water or sports drink ?

Scurvy Films says:

I have a 29er mtb. Is it possible to put a downhill fork with 26in wheels?

AlexandreHimself says:

you should take a break or something, 1 video every day since many years, it's insane. blink twice if someone hold you hostage in the next video ok ?

Hollis Prince says:

The problem I have with fasted rides is that afterwards all I want to do is eat and sleep

MaTt Y says:

neils jersy looks massive on him at the star of the video

slaQ83 says:

I did some research the other day, turns out doing exercise before eating anything doesn't help one bit. The exact details can be found online.

Mtb Bmx says:

Can I fit a 31.6mm dropper post in a 31.8mm seat post hole diameter

Jett Aiello says:

How can I win cat 1 downhill races on my hardtail? #askgmbn

James Arnold's Life says:

Hell GMBN,
I was riding my trek hardtail on an extremely muddy bikepark and when I got to the top I turned my handlebars to drop in and it made a really bad creaking noise, I took apart the headset and cleaned all my gear levers, it seemed to come from the left side and only when I turned right… If you could help me figure out what it is and how to stop it it would be great :}. Also I am unsure if it is safe to ride as it sounds like stress on the handlebars

MrWtfchicken says:

I lost 2 and a half stone (11st 7lbs – 9st) by joining my local running club, very daunting for a mountain biker who had never run before, ended up discovering fell running and got hooked! So much fitter on the bike and having way more fun!

MTBdropIN says:


dimitar ristovski says:

actualy try green tea for the second tip, better stimulant with caffeine than coffe for this kind of empty stomach rides.

Ben Byra says:

Neil, would you mind letting me know what knee pads those are? In need of some myself. Thanks!

Natalie Miles says:

6 or 7???

Focusontrack says:

You don't gain weight between Christmas and new year, you gain weight between new year and Christmas.

alainlim12 says:

7. Trade all your holiday gifts for carbon fiber parts :)

Hayden says:

So I just bought my first full-sus bike and setup my sag, at 20% front and 25% rear. I was wondering if it is normal to be able to bottom out my rear shock and nearly the fork just by pushing down on them fairly hard?

Chris Dalayap says:

Question. Should I upgrade my $200 bike per parts or just buy a better one?

Soccer Drills & Training says:

I got a road trip to Moab, Utah for Christmas this spring, how should I train for hard trails like Slickrock. Should I get an inside excersize bike (I live in very cold climate!) #AskGMBN

Scott Sibly says:

hi im running a sr suntour xct v2 crank arm with a shimano hyperdrive swicher and a shimano 8 speed cassette with a shimano deore derailer but cant get a smooth accurate gear change

ChrisAidulo says:

sub me I am 12 years old and wheelie

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