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Sprinting with Mark Cavendish

“Sprinting is not about sitting in and doing 200 meters – it takes a lot of consistent efforts to get there. It’s about being able to sprint when you’re in the red and that’s where this session helps.”

Mark Cavendish – 2011 World Road Race Champion

What better way to improve your sprint than to train with the fastest man on two wheels – Mark “the Manx Missile” Cavendish. Ride alongside the 2011 World Champion and a crew of local Manx riders as they power through the pedals, push into the red zone and test the limits of their Elite Turbos.

3LC Sprinting is designed specifically to enhance your maximum power output and strengthen your fast twitch muscle fibers. Through a series of sprint intervals, former British Criterium Champion Rob Holden and Mark himself will teach you the techniques needed to get that extra kick when it matters most… the finish line.

All 3LC Training Sessions are simple to use and based on cadence and Rate of Perceived Exertion – therefore, the difficulty is in your hands. If the session is too hard, knock it down a gear – too easy, get that gearing up! All you need is a turbo trainer, rollers or an exercise bike and you’re good to go.

3LC Sprinting will help you:

– Develop explosive and anerobic power

– Build up sustainable power

– Improve your reaction speed

– Increase your maximum effort

– Endure repeated efforts with limited recoveries

“This session is an excellent tool to fine tune your sprinting abilities, turn of speed and short term recoveries. Be it at the end of a race, criterium, bunch sprint, on the track or a sportive – 3LC Sprinting will elevate you to the next level.”

Peter Kennaugh Snr – 3LC Head Coach

Product Features

  • 3LC Sprinting benefits cyclists of all abilities in the following disciplines:
  • – Road racing, Criterium & Kermesse Racing
  • – Mountain biking
  • – Track racing & Triathlon
  • – Cyclocross


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Stu G says:

Makes turbo training awesome (and make you awesome)! This genuinely works and is a great product. I have tried several video turbo training sessions and the 3LCTV series is by far the best. I never enjoyed the turbo trainer but when I started racing it was a must so in bid to make it more bearable invested in the TT session which did more than make it bearable and actually made it quite fun, the time flies by and before you know it you’ve done an hour hard training! My wife has also used the DVD’s for sportive training and has gone from…

HRW says:

Love the format of these videos! I have to admit to having A LOT of DVDs to use with my trainer. That said, the 3LC ones are my favorite. Why?:1. Not predictable set after set..they mix it up and even after months of doing them, I’m not bored.2. Great dashboard: easy to read, clear instructions, and adaptable to your level.3. No one yells…which is refreshing. I am not motivated by trainers on TV yelling at me, so these are great. Just clear, professional instruction.4. Challenging…they actually…

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