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3 Essential Skills For Enduro Racing With Mountain Bike Pro Mark Scott

Enduro World Series pro Mark Scott took some time out to talk to us about some essential enduro skills: cornering, line choice and how to carry speed – especially when you get tired.

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“[Being good at enduro] takes a whole load of everything…”

But, if you don’t have time to improve everything, how can you get faster on the trails? Mark Scott, who has had an awesome start to the 2016 season with a 2nd place at the Andes Pacifico enduro back in February, took us through a few of the key skills that you need to work on to get fast at enduro.

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Danny Gabriele says:

Love it all…… Keep it up boys

Adrian Volpatti says:

A bit Neistat at the start there…Nice!

juan paulo vite says:

Ohh!! God!! That leg!! 0:36

Chris Martinez says:

Great tips, thanks guys!

elroc10 says:

Excellent video!

crayfish Is Cray says:

Is it possible if you guys do a video on How to use your front brakes? I'm new to mountain biking and noticed that I've never touched my front brakes because of the constant fear of getting thrown off the bike. Why would you use the front brake? What should I take note of when using it? And When should I use it instead of my rear?

Thank you :)

Joe “Carl” Zapatalo says:

Make a video on how to true a wheel ,please.

Matthew Dale says:

you pronounced rotorua wrong

Justin Counter says:

What bike is he riding?bronson,hightower?,nomad?

thugrepo says:

Could anyone tell me the name of Mark's knee pads?

On Board With Ziggy says:

thanks for the vid! lovin these skills vids where u ask the top pros

Chris Barr says:

Neil, I still watch all of your videos from your SPS days and Renthal adverts, Bronson in the woods type videos! You are one of my favourite riders and I'm wondering, will we be seeing anymore videos from you either on this channel or elsewhere riding full tilt again?! It's what the people want!

MrWtfchicken says:

Mark sounds so enthusiastic haha

Sean Bolden says:

Brilliant edit at 0:26

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