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Before Buying a Bike, Read This! (fitsugar)

Forget the gym! There's so much to do outside, from running to hiking to swimming, that you can save your money on that monthly membership and sweat it out in the sunshine. Biking is the perfect Spring and Summer sport, because moving at a faster pace means you'll stay much cooler than if you were walking or running. If you've never bought a bike before, here's a simple guide to help you get your first set of wheels.
## Choose Your Ride
Before even setting foot in a bike shop, you need to figure out what you want to use the bike for. This will determine what kind of bike you get, and here's a general list:
**Comfort bikes (also called Cruisers):** If you're into a relaxed ride, maybe cruising around the park or taking a leisurely Sunday ride on the bike path, you'll appreciate the wide tires for a smooth ride, the comfy bike seat, and the upright sitting position. These are great for flat surfaces like pavement or dirt, since they only have a few gears.
**Road bikes:** Used on pavement for exercise, commuting, or racing, these bikes are lightweight with thin, hard tires, …

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Polygon Pave i7 urban bike review –

BikeRadar.comPolygon Pave i7 urban bike reviewBikeRadar.comThe first thing we noticed right from the start was the Shimano trigger shifters were in reverse, compared with a normal mountain bike setup. This took some getting used to, and to be completely honest we were still getting it backwards days later …

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Questions and Answers


CAN someone explain the differences of the bikes?
What is a XC bike?
………….a FReeride bike?
… AM?

Posted by J. V
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Mountain bikes used to be all-around bikes and can be ridden anywhere and in any condition. But advances in technology and in the manufacturing process has afforded the specialization of mountainbikes for the intended purpose that a biker has for his bike. That's why nowadays, the different kinds of mountainbikes can be a bit confusing esp for a first time buyer trying to determine which bike to get.

Mountainbikes are defined by their intended purpose.
A trailbike is the best choice for a vast majority of riders.This category allows the rider to ride in various conditions around the mountain,may it be trails,climbs,jumps/drops (3 feet or less) and descents. The design of trailbikes give emphasis on pedaling efficiency,versatility,durability and comfort.These bikes are built to handle agressive and technical riding and can travel at higher speeds in rough terrain compared to what cross country bikes can handle.Weight range is around 25 to 32 pounds and the component spec favors durability than lightweight. Suspension travel ranges from 4 to 6.5 inches and some hardtails also fall in this category.Trailbikes capture the original spirit of mountainbiking,that is being able to ride and explore or "get lost" on purpose by using only one bike. An All-Mountain bike falls under the category of trailbikes and it is setup to provide the best compromise to handle everything, anywhere.

XC=Cross Country.
Cross country bikes are set up to be very lightweight esp for racing. It is designed for pedaling and climbing efficiency.XC bikes can handle moderately technical terrain and cannot handle jumps and drops bigger than the occassional bunny hoping.These bikes border on being fragile and will not withstand repeated flat landings and solid impacts into trail obstacles. Weight range is 19-27 pounds and suspension range is 3-4.5 inches of wheel travel and most lightweight hardtails (no rear suspension,around 4" front suspension travel) fall under this category. XC bikes are best for endurance racing and races in "groomed" trails.

FR=FreeRide or Black Diamond.
Black Diamond is the trail marking used at bike resorts to signify the most difficult runs usually for experts only. Black Diamond or FR bikes used to be a cross between Trailbikes & Downhill bikes and set up with strong frames with strong but heavy components to handle the beating of descending down extreme terrain, doing jumps,big drops and insane stunts. Nowadays,blackdiamond bikes no longer try to be both trailbike and downhill bike,and their design focuses on stability and maneuverability in the extreme trails they are intended to be ridden. Suspension ranges from 6.5 to 8.5 inches of wheel travel altought some come in burly-built hardtails. The headtube angles are slacker (than that of trail bikes) for descending stability but wheelbase is shorter (than in DH bikes) for better handling in tight technical trails. Front forks used for FR bikes are commonly triple clamp/dual crown but some use long-stroke single crown forks. Weight range is 30 to 50 pounds. These bikes can handle the maximum abuse that a rider's body can withstand without damage.FR bikes are built to be strong but they are not breakable.Also,they are expensive and the FR rider must also factor replacement cost of components.

DH bikes are designed to harness the force of gravity to be able to descent down the mountain at high speeds. DH bikes used to be bikes that can be pressed for FR and All-Mountain riding,but DH racing has made these bikes very specialized for the purpose of goind down the mountain in the fastest time possible.Technology and advanced manufacturing processes have made it possible to build lighter DH bikes.Lighter DH bikes have increased acceleration and momentum and make it easier to maneuver/handle in technical descents. The components are lighter but rather expendable because in DH racing the rider's team can replace broken and worn components at the bottom of the course, in effect,it give DH racers the "breakit,replace it" attitude that the average mountainbiker cannot afford. This erodes the usefullness of DH bikes because if you beat your DH bike up, you cant expect to win racers. Weight range is 35-45 pounds while suspension range is around 8-9.5 inches of wheel travel.

(Described above in the Trailbike category)

PS: You asked about XC,FR,DH and AM only so I wont include description of the other two categories (Urban/Dirt Jump bikes and Mountaincross/Dual-Slalom bikes)

The value of a used Royce Union dominion mountain bike?

Hi there I recently moved to New Zealand and was kindly loaned a Royce Union Dominion bike by a friend. Unluckily for me it was stolen and I would like to give my friend some cash for the bike. I am unsure as to the value of it. It was in very good condition, a few scartches here and there but that was it. If any one knows the value of a used but good condition Royce Union dominion bike I'd appreciate advice!

Posted by nicola
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Since your friend wwas left without a bike don't you think it would be better just to pay for another one? I'm certain that you can find a good used bike he would be happy with.

Whats best to use on my mountain bike?

Whats best to use on my mountain bike? I want to start upgrading my bike parts i have two a carrera 2008 model & a kona hahanna 1998, they both have the same spec as standard eg: tektro brake levers, i was wanting to upgrade but im not 100% whats better lx, xc, deore, any info would be great also what bike would be best to upgrade the 10yr kona or brand new carrera? Also what inprovements would i gain from changing the spram x4 front and back gears? If you'd like you can email me on please only genuine replys thank you.

Posted by loulousmith756
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Its generally not a good idea to dump a lot of money into a 10 yr old bike. But a few upgrades to your Kona couldnt hurt if you really want to do it. I'd look into trading your 2008 to a better bike instead of trying to upgrade it as a complete bike will be a better value in most cases.

Shimano mountain bike components go up in grade as follows: Deore(entry level), LX, XT, XTR . XT is great stuff; XTR is generally for racers. Lots of bikes come with LX front derailluer and XT rear D. LX crank is fine for most people as an XT crank is around $250. I have XT shifters and v-brakes/levers and they are great; definitely an upgrade over the ones you have.…


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