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Friday Follow – Jimmy Ryan (Urban Velo)

Thejimmyryan got into cycling, in part, because of health concerns, but he quickly became obsessed. He swaps bikes and cycling niches at a blinding pace. He's also the (ex?)-singer of Haste The Day, who are currently playing a couple reunion shows. His feeds are often filled with ride images in all the terrains that match […]

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Questions and Answers

Buying a new mountain bike need help!?

Im 5"3 and im thinking about buying a trek 6000, i dont no if its an good bike i saw some bad reviews for it. Im looking to spend around $700, can u give me any other bikes that will be good for me.

Also what the website is to buy the bike

my older bike was a reliegh m40dx and wondering if i can sell that for any money to help buy my new bike

im looking at the giant xtc 2 it seems to be te best deal for your mooney.

Posted by Doug S
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Giant makes great mountain bikes that are within your price range. A few examples would be the Reign, XTC, and Glory series bikes. Specific bikes would be: The XTC Alliance, Yukon FX, and the Reign X0. Trek also has a huge selection of bikes made for Mountain biking. A few examples of bikes made for this by Trek would be: The Jack 2, 4 Series 4500, and the Elite 9.7. (The Elite is a good bike, but i think it may be to expensive for what you want to pay.)

Any Advise on Buying A Mountain Bike?

Posted by Cathandria Lee
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What is your Choice of Biking?
As I mentioned before, mountain bikes come in various types depending on the style of biking that you prefer and the territory that you will be driving in. So, to begin with, you have to determine what style suits you best. Do you like mountain cruising or do you prefer the safety of a smoother ride? Is lift accessed downhill riding the one that appeals to your sensibilities or does cross country racing stir the wild blood in you? In other words, get hold of a bike that complements your style of riding.

Choice of Suspension
When it comes to suspension, most people prefer the full suspension bike as it is more comfortable and can be easily maneuvered according to your preferences. However, it is more expensive and if you have money constraints, then it is advisable to go for the hard tail mountain bike that is devoid of rear suspension. The hard tail bike also has its advantages in that it weighs less and provides a smooth pedaling experience. Ultimately, buy the bike with the kind of suspension that suits your style of biking.

Picking a Good Combination
You cannot have an apple to apple comparison while choosing a mountain bike. The practical thing to do is to make a list of the components that are essential for your biking experience and see that it fits into your budget.

Right Time for Buying a Mountain Bike
As with any other product, the right time to buy is when sales are going on or during the off-seasons. Generally, people indulge in buying from spring to summer. So if you buy your bike during the winter or fall, then you will be sitting on candy. Along with this, try and find shops that provide accessories and other attractive discounts with your bike.

Look for the Right Dealer
A ?right dealer? Is the one whose main concern is that you buy a quality bike rather than an expensive one. Such a dealer usually also has a decent repair shop. So, always look for a good dealer.

Before You Decide, Check Out For Yourself
The most important thing before selecting a bike is to take test rides of all the bikes that you think might be the right one for you. This will help you arrive at an understanding of the best bike for you.

Analysis Helps
Last, but definitely not the least, engage in some productive research before you choose a bike. Talking to owners of different bikes, understanding more about bicycle parts, reading up on bike reviews and product reviews will help you in this area.


Good luck.

Mountain Biking Shoe Pedal combo? Good Deal? Reviews?

I am new to MTB and with the purchase of my new bike, I am on a very limited budget. I was searching the internet and came across this deal

@ Is this worth the money and does anyone have any reviews they could share about the shoes or pedals. Thanks ahead of time for your responses…….

Posted by Jeb
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First of all, minor correction not meant to be rude….Wellgo is THE major manufacturer of pedals for many companies worldwide, it's not a house brand for Nashbar (although they make Nashbar's house-labeled pedals, along with plenty of other private-labeled brands). They make a full range of products…some cheapies and some very good quality ones. People would be surprised if they knew how many of the big, popular-name pedals were made by Wellgo!

That's a pretty good deal really, and I've had a pair of the Minarret shoes. I found them comfortable, but as said above, unless you know that a particular brand fits you well and you already know your size, I'd only buy online if you don't mind the chance of paying for return shipping if you need to exchange them or get a refund.

Pricepoint is a decent company, but I'd suggest you call in your order to them, especially if you're getting other items at the same time. Their backorder policy is *stupid*, so make sure that everything you want is in stock and ready to ship. They do have some good deals, but also check out Http://www.blueskycycling for shoe/pedal deals (and all the other bike stuff)….much better place, imho.

If I were you, I'd visit some local bike shops and try on shoes. If they can come close to the price (they probably won't be able to, but maybe), consider supporting your local shop instead of ordering online. If they can't touch the deal pricewise, then at least you'll have a better idea for what shoes are comfortable and what size you need (it'll vary between brands, so try on several).

Hope this helps, enjoy the new bike! :o)…


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