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ISSi Colorful SPD Compatible Clipless Pedals (Urban Velo)

ISSi is the latest brand out of the bike parts distribution giant QBP, an SPD compatible pedal system meant to compete with the more established pedal companies with pricing, color choices and serviceability. The pedals are available in eight color options to match the drapes, spinning on a bearing and bushing each. The pedals are […]

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Things that roll – Slowtwitch

SlowtwitchThings that rollSlowtwitchThe reason they're tough is because wheel companies like HED, Zipp, Enve, Mavic and the rest got tired of selling these carbon wheels only to triathletes. They finally learned how to build a better mousetrap stronger. Now this same basic technology is …

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Questions and Answers

How can they manufacture a mountain bike and companies sell it cheap?

How can a company for instance in china – make mountain bikes sell them and make a profit.
All i know for instance if i wanted to make and sell 100 bikes it would cost me a fortune to buy – how do they do it.

Posted by mr t
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Well, in the UK it is quite expensive to bring bikes in from China due to tariffs, so most bikes come in from Taiwan.

It is actually quite cheap to build bikes when you have the production capability. For example, a good quality double butted aluminum frame costs about $50 at the factory level- perhaps 30 quid. A set of wheels with alloy hubs, stainless steel spokes, and middle of the road rim might cost $30, or about 18 quid. I could go on but you get the idea.

The real cost comes in tooling and development. A single mold for a carbon fiber frame might cost $60,000.00 or more. That money has to be made up somehwere.

If you are willing to use an off-the-peg frame design and lower quality parts, plus make an order of 5000 or so bikes a 21 gear all terrain bike might cost as little as $40- or 24 quid! Granted, this is a CHEAP bike which would retail for somewhere around $100, or (due to the oppressive tax system in the UK) about 100 quid.

To give you an idea of some factory prices for common parts, here are some factory level prices to build a low end "Walmart" 21 speed mass market bike:

gel saddle with clamp $0.98
"519" style 26" single wall STEEL rim $0.61 each
63mm travel fork with steel stanchions $9.55
plastic pedal set $0.40
steel hub set $0.90
steel threadless steerer stem $0.35
steel derailleur set (front and rear) $1.65
MiG welded steel frame $8.69
steel seat post $0.24
galvanized steel spokes with steel nipples $1.80 for 64 pieces
steel handlebar $0.81
steel cantilever brakeset with levers $1.03
high tensile steel cable and housing $0.12 for 4 cables
chain $0.47
steel triple crankset $1.43
headset $0.57
hand grips $0.21
3×7 twist shifter set $0.98
tires and tubes $1.66 for front and rear
rim strips $0.02 each
reflector set $0.19
7 speed freewheel $0.91
paint, assembly, box, owners manual $1.65

This gives you a grand total of $35.85. Shipping by the 55' container would add about $4.00 per bike, then of couse in the UK there is a 15% VAT along with other esoteric ways to get money which brings the grand total cost of a mass market bike to about $45.83, or about 24 pounds. Selling the bike at retail for 89 quid allows a fantastic 370% markup. In the U.S., this "cool" bike with 21 gears and front suspension might retail for $90 to $130 depending on who sells it.

In a typical scenario, the retail cost of parts is between 5 and 8 times the factory level. For complete bikes the spread is about 3 and 5 times.

By the way, if you wish to buy a container load of bikes I'd be happy to spec and source them for you. Just tell me what your target retail price is and what type of bike you want.

Which companies make the best mountain bikes?

Posted by adam7425
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Just about any mountain bike you find at a bike shop will be of good quality regardless of brand. Smart buyers look at the componentry and other features rather than the name since the vast majority of bikes- regardless of brand- are made in one of a handful of factories.

If you are looking for the best bang for the buck, look for brands like Raleigh, KHS, and Diamondback. You'll find that brands like this offer a better level of components for the same price as brands like Trek or Specialized.

Should someone insist that one brand is better than another just because of the name, run- don't walk- far far away.

Mountain bike company?

Which company should i get trek, specialized or santa cruz ( I am looking to send around $600-800?

I am starting to mountain bike, Looking for a hardtail for freeriding and some trail riding.

Also is it better to get a good used bike or a moderate new bike? Thanks.

Posted by danahn_nyc
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In the $600-800 range, you should probably look at Trek, Specialized, Gary Fisher and Cannondale. Santa Cruz doesn't have any bikes at this price range.

You probably ought to be aware there are some significant differences between a free-ride bike and a trail bike. Free ride machines usually have a lower seat, lots of suspension travel, gentle geometry, and a heavy build to stand up to lots of abuse. Fundamentally, a free-ride bike is optimized to steer down a hill, go over jumps and keep you upright. It is not optimized for lots of pedalling. A trail bike will tend to be built lighter, have a higher seat, less suspension travel and tighter geometry. A trail bike is optimized for pedaling.

This isn't to say you can't use one type of bike for another purpose, but it may not be the most efficient or comfortable ride.

Regarding new versus used, I have always tended to buy used bikes in good condition. However, I like to do all of my own maintenance. If you aren't too into doing your own maintenance, you may want to get a new bike so you get a honeymoon period before you have to start replacing worn out pieces.

Hope this is helpful.…


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