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Friday Follow – Jimmy Ryan (Urban Velo)

Thejimmyryan got into cycling, in part, because of health concerns, but he quickly became obsessed. He swaps bikes and cycling niches at a blinding pace. He's also the (ex?)-singer of Haste The Day, who are currently playing a couple reunion shows. His feeds are often filled with ride images in all the terrains that match […]

K2 Shadow 9 29er Mountain Bike - Overweight Code G Restricted

Cowboy Tough Adventure Race Back For Second Year – K2 Radio

Cowboy Tough Adventure Race Back For Second YearK2 RadioA mountain bike race in Glendo State Park on July 13. A 3.5 day expedition race covering over … Racers will navigate the state trekking, mountain biking, paddling and meeting a variety of challenges along the route. A 5K Glow Run/1 mile walk in …

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K2 bike no2

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Questions and Answers

Trek Calypso as mountain bike?

I just bought a Trek Calypso out of the newspaper from a very nice couple. They were telling me that it was a mountain bike and they have put new tires on it which look like they'll do the job. My only concern is that everything I've seen on the internet labels the calypso as a "cruiser". Is it possible to use it on trails and non/paved areas? This is important as I live in the mountains. Thank you!

Posted by Crystal
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Mountain biking is a sport where people go very fast on bicycles up, and down mountains on rugged trails crossing streams, logs, rock drops, and other high speed obstacles. These Bicycles used for this sport do not dub well as urban, commuter bikes, or road bikes. They are made specifically for Mountain Biking. If you are interested in beginning to mountain bike, the Calypso is not the bicycle for you. Hence the name Calypso, it may be a good bike for a resident of the city of New Orleans, rather than say, Boulder CO. If you are interested in cruising town (not road biking), taking trails and shortcuts when you want to; and possibly going trail riding on saturdays with friends, then you have purchased the perfect bike.

Road bike or mountain bike?

I'll be riding along concrete trails a lot, but I also want to be able to ride in my backyard which is rather hilly. I get tired easily so I need something easy, but I don't want it easy enough and "loose" enough to go every whichaway when I decided to ride through rocky and rough terrain.

So which would work, road bike or mountain bike?

Posted by Matilda L
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Mountain bike. The mountain bikes are comfortable and easy to ride. When you get tired, they have plenty of low gears so that you can pedal fast, not hard. You also have the option of getting suspension with the mountain bikes. I wouldn't get a FS bike (Full Suspension) if I were you, but definitely front. The hard tails (Front suspension only) are fun to ride, lighter than the FS bikes, and still offer some cushioning.
The tires you use will have a lot of impact on your riding too. Don't get anything too aggressive, or knobby or your pavement riding will be tough.
Lastly, get the best bike you can afford. It will be worth it. Get a cheap bike and riding wont be fun. Then your money will have been wasted anyway.…


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