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Best 29Er for the Money

Neb's Banderas: Plan was to sell bikes on Internet (bostonherald)

LINCOLN, Neb. — Nebraska linebacker Josh Banderas told campus police he and a member of the men's track team planned to sell the bicycles they stole from racks near university housing units, according to a document released Wednesday.
Banderas and Keifer were arrested Monday after a man called police to report that he was watching two men cut bike locks and load bikes into the bed of a pickup. Lincoln police apprehended Banderas and Keifer in a pickup on the northeast side of campus. Seven mountain bikes were in the back of the pickup.

Best 29er Hardtail for the money

The Best Mountain Bikes of 2014 – Outside Magazine

The Best Mountain Bikes of 2014Outside MagazineAnd the new 5.5-inch Sight ($5,252) is so balanced that it softened the staunchest 29er devotees. It's quick and snappy, as expected with … The durable Maxxis Ardent tires. Every single tester review sheet concluded the same way: “I'd buy this bike …

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Questions and Answers

Best off-road tire for a 29er? Mountain bike?

In clay/sandy/mud? Whats best for price? I need grip. Weight is not a problem. I have Maxxis brand ones on it at the moment. Maxxis Ikon 29′s there called i think. Have done about 2000 miles on them and the back tire is getting cut up and bald. Time to replace.

Posted by Josh
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Why not replace them with new Maxixs tires. Sounds like you got your money's worth out of them?

How much should I pay for a 2007 Gary Fisher X-Caliber 29er?

I found this bike and might buy it tomorrow. The guy claims its in great condition. As I said before it is a 2007 and it retails for $1380. I dont know how bikes depreciate in value being that I am new to the game. What would be a fair price for me to pay. Here is a link w/ specs for the bike:

Posted by Anonymous
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Make sure it is the correct size frame before you think about the price. A wrong size bike is a big waste of money. Here are some reviews on it and prices that other people have paid.


Bike rack for 29er bike and 2012 Honda Accord coupe?

I need a cheap rack for my new car that an support my Gary fisher cobia which is a 29er mountain bike.

Posted by Ryan MacDougall
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Saris Bones rack. Best trunk mount rack made. Remember, when buying a rack you are protecting both the bike AND the car. The money you save buying a cheap rack will bite you in the butt when you have to spend $500 to repair your trunk lid or bumper.…


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