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Mongoose Mountain Bike Review

29" Mountain Bikes : Mongoose Deception | Josh Herder

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Questions and Answers

Mongoose and Huffy mountain bike quality?

I've heard complaints (on internet reviews) that ever since Huffy bought out Mongoose, the Mongoose bikes have not been as good quality as before. Is this true?

Posted by kat i
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Yes, they are pretty crappy…

You are better off going to a real bike shop and spending a little more on a bike that is not mass produced…

Check out KHS, Trek, and Specialized.

Mountain bike front derailleur recommendations?

I'm thinking about buying a 21-speed mongoose xr200 from walmart but i've read the reviews and lots of people have problems with the front derailleur so i'm gonna replace it right off the bat, i dont know anything about bikes tho, this will be my first bike with more than one speed i don't even know what a derailleur is what kind should i get?

Posted by Alex
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You'd be better off saving your money, and buying a good bike in the first place. Once you start replacing parts, it'll only be a matter of time when something else needs replacing. For someone who knows little about bikes, the last thing you want is one that keeps breaking down.
Go to a cycle store, and have a chat with the staff, tell them what you want the bike for, and how much you can afford. A bottom of the range bike from a cycle store will be better than anything Walmart sell, and you'll get the back up if anything goes wrong.

Need review of this Mountain bike?

Hi all,

This bike is right in my range and it has disc brakes


Posted by Kyle W
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I could not find a review of the exact model but this is a review of the bike w/o disc brakes



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