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Diamondback Mountain Bike Reviews

ISSi Colorful SPD Compatible Clipless Pedals (Urban Velo)

ISSi is the latest brand out of the bike parts distribution giant QBP, an SPD compatible pedal system meant to compete with the more established pedal companies with pricing, color choices and serviceability. The pedals are available in eight color options to match the drapes, spinning on a bearing and bushing each. The pedals are […]

2012 Diamondback Overdrive 29er Mountain Bike | Bike Reviews

Parks and Rec – Baltimore City Paper

Baltimore City PaperParks and RecBaltimore City PaperIf you're tired of that regular-park, baseball/green-grass/playground nonsense, hit up Carroll Park Skateboarding and Bike Facility for a little more adventure. … Catoctin Mountain Park. 14707 Park Central Road, Thurmont, (301) 663-9388, …

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Questions and Answers

Diamondback Overdrive vs Specialized Rockhopper?

I'm just getting into mountain biking. I'm kind of a bigger guy and I really like the 29 inch wheels. Which of these two bikes would you guys recommended?

Also, is there a bike from Giant in the $700 range that would be a good hardtail?

Thanks a lot.

Posted by smartask
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Check out MTBR for tons of reviews on mountain bikes. Both bikes you are looking at have good reviews. Personally I would lean towards the Specialized, because diamondback is a wal-mart/ target brand in my mind. If you are going to spend good money on a new bike don't get the same brand the little kid down the street has… I know it doesn't really matter.

Remember all components will wear out so get the best frame you can and go from there. Also just ride them and see which one feels best to ya. Entry level bikes have terrible wheelsets, especially for big guys the bike will feel like it wanders a lot esp a taller 29" wheel. So keep an eye out for a stiffer wheel set and it will make your bike feel 10 times better.

Is this bike any good?

Why cant i find any reviews of this bike


Google only comes up with the "outlook" which is completely different.

Is it any good?

Posted by Jazza blues
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Diamondback makes good bikes.

Which one on the page but what ever one there, they look good?…


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