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(Reuters) – Two athletes per nation will be allowed to compete in the men's and women's individual Sprint and Keirin at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, a change from London 2012 when just one in each event was permitted. Team GB were forced to pick between the world's top-two sprint specialists, Jason Kenny and Chris Hoy, four years ago before settling on Kenny who took gold. After conducting a review process, UCI, cycling's governing body, and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have agreed the qualification systems for the four cycling disciplines – Road, Track, BMX and Mountain Bike. Under the changes announced by UCI president Brian Cookson on Wednesday, three more nations will be able to participate in BMX with the minimum age of competing reduced to 18, while road quota places through the Africa Tour have increased from five to nine.

2013 Best New Mountain Bikes | Bicycling Magazine

Top 10 reasons to take a group tour – WA today

Top 10 reasons to take a group tourWA todayWe've got fancy mountain-bikes, a guide to show us the way each day, and a support vehicle filled with empty seats, bottles of water and vials of EPO (I assume). Imagine trying to organise all that yourself. Same goes for the three-week 4WD trip I did …and more »

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Questions and Answers

Trek 8500 hardtail mountainbike?

I was wondering if anyone out there has the 2007 Trek 8500, and if so, is it worth the money for all the upgrades, or should I consider the 8000?

Posted by m2gunner2000
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Okay… Maybe I like the 8000 better. I rate components this way:

1st. Fork
2nd. Wheel set
3er. Brakes
4th. Everything else

The 8000 fork is a Reba, which has a lot of adjustable, while the 8500 has a Fox Float RL (the difference is not night and day, but I'm more inclined toward the Reba).

Wheel set… Probably both are similar, okay, the 8500 has a nicer one, but I'm still thinking it's not that big difference.

Brakes… The 8000 uses LX, while the 8500 uses XT. XT is nicer, but I think that the differences are minimal.

Rest of stuff… Pretty similar, LX vs XT.

If the price difference between both bikes were less than 7-10%, go for the 8500, if not, save the cash for other things you might want later (or just keep the money).

Size for a XC mountainbike?

Hi, im looking into ordering a XC mtb from a website. Im about 5"11 but i think ill grow a bit more. My inseam is about 32 inches.

My options are either 16" or 18". You can see the exact geometry here: Http://…

which should i pick and why?

Posted by Nick Doridan
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The size of bike you ride is based heavily on you inseam length. The size you would fit the best with a 32" inseam would be a 18" frame, Why? I have a 32" inseam and a 18" is just right from most manufactures. I also have a 16" frame (my wife's bike) and it is small and I feel cramped on it. I all so have a 20" (my son's) and if I lower the seat a bit from his setting the bike doesn't feel all that bad, but my 18" still feels better when doing tight switch backs.…


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