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Mountain Bike Components

ISSi Colorful SPD Compatible Clipless Pedals (Urban Velo)

ISSi is the latest brand out of the bike parts distribution giant QBP, an SPD compatible pedal system meant to compete with the more established pedal companies with pricing, color choices and serviceability. The pedals are available in eight color options to match the drapes, spinning on a bearing and bushing each. The pedals are […]

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Mountain Biking's Beginnings: Fat Tires, Broken Hubs and the Grateful Dead – TIME

Mountain Biking's Beginnings: Fat Tires, Broken Hubs and the Grateful DeadTIMEThey made it up as they went along, modifying their bikes to manage the terrain and enjoying themselves in all the ways that adventurous youth did in that era. Watch UC Fig. 1's video about the early days of mountain biking. Narrated by UC San Diego's …

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Questions and Answers

Mountain Bike?

What are good mountain bike brands.

Posted by George
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I have a Foes FXR with a Romic shock and a Marin Pine Mountain. In both cases I just purchased the frame and built them up from there.

I like Magura brakes, SRAM X.O components, Easton bars, Fox forks, WTB seats, Moots posts, Chris King headsets, Azonic wheels., Thompson stems, and Flak Jacket cables.

I've tried the Race Face ISIS bottom bracket and blew one up in 4 weeks and the second one in 6 months so, I had to abandon ISIS. I still us the square taper Race Face Turbine LP and North Shore cranks. They are affixed to UN-72 bbs. Everything works well and is easy to maintain.

Other dependable brands include Yeti, On one Inbred, Ritchey, and Rocky Mountain. I had trouble with Hayes brakes. Tfw.

Mountain Bike Choices?

I'am just getting into the mountain biking world and I honestly dont know much. I'am decieding between a Trek Cobia and a Specialized carve for my first bike. My friend is a huge Trek guy and works at a bike shop which only sells trek and felt (not the point, I dont really want a felt). Both are about the same price, I have no idea how they differ. Would it be worth upgrading to an X-Cal or carve expert? Is there a better bike around the same price?

Posted by Scott
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In addition to what's already been said, unless money is genuinely no object I'd recommend keeping tabs to second hand mountain bikes (either through stores or independently), as a lot of the time you'll be able to get a far better quality of bike and component for the same cash as you'd be paying for an off the shelf one.

Obviously, you'd still want it to be the correct size, etc and be in full working order, but I'd suggest even getting your knowledgeable friend involved if you were to view any used bikes in order to check over various aspects prior to going down this route.…


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