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Cheap Mountain Bike Parts

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Walk, hike or bikeHelena Independent RecordNow the Gulch is Helena's main street — part of which is the state's only downtown, outdoor walking mall. Starting at the 400 block, the Gulch features a wide variety of … Mount Ascension offers a fun but challenging single-track mountain bike trail …and more »

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Questions and Answers

Cheap mountain bike parts?

ANyone know a website or palce I can get cheap parts? I have a broken derrailer, it was plastic, and I don't feel like buying a new bike. Is there a place I can buy a BACK derraileur, plastic, or metal, for a cheap price?

Posted by Alucard Zero
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I think you should take it to your local bike shop because you have to make sure the derailleur fits your drivetrain.

Depending on your bike, you should be able to get away with a rear derailleur for under $35. I ran this Shimano Deore for years without any problems.

For cheap stores, I recommend

Are all mountain bike parts interchangable?

I'm looking into getting my first mountain bike since i was 12 (11 years ago). I don't want to spend more than 400 on a used one, but I don't want to be stuck with a below average bike if I decide to continue riding. Will all mountain bike parts fit on all mountain bikes? Can I upgrade to a 400 dollar fork suspension on a cheaper bike? Can I upgrade everything and eventually have a completely different bike? I just don't want to be stuck buying lower end parts for a lower end bike.

Posted by Kyle
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It depends
some parts are practically unique to the given bike
derailleur hanger

others are totally interchangeable
crank arms

others may or may not be
seat post
bottom bracket

generally it;s expensive to buy and then start replacing
you may as well just get a better bike
or you just end up with good parts on a crappy frame

the fork might be interchangeable
it;s just one of those things you have to know or know how to find out
without more info it;s impossible to say here



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