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Vintage cameras, vintage bikes: That's how two Jeffco shows roll May 4 (Denver Post)

The Jefferson County Fairgrounds is action-packed on May 4. The Colorado Custom & Vintage Bicycle Expo offers custom and vintage racing bikes, mountain bikes and touring bikes along with vendors, exhibits and sales of bikes and bike parts.

Bicycle parts on SWORKS Tarmac

Tempe police disrupt suspected bicycle-theft ring – Arizona Republic

Tempe police disrupt suspected bicycle-theft ringArizona RepublicTempe police say they have recovered more than 50 bicycles and bicycle parts while searching the home of a man accused of buying stolen bikes and reselling them for profit, officials said. Courtland Jeffrey, The Republic | 6:43 a.m. MST …Tempe police arrest man for buying, selling stolen bikesAZFamilyTempe police arrest suspect for allegedly buying and selling stolen bicyclesEast Valley TribuneTempe police arrest man accused in bike theft ringKTAR.comall 15 news articles »

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First real mountain bike parts to look for

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Bicycle Axle, On The Bike, Akselli - Free image - 166029

Questions and Answers

What is this bicycle part called?

It's on the other side of the gear-switching device, it changes the pressure of your ride.

If you downshift it, the bike feels lighter, if you upshift it, it puts more pressure on the ground.

Posted by Monsieur Pershing
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There's not a single switch, device or item on a bicycle that will change the "pressure" on the ground. Pressure is determined by gravity & the barometric pressure. What I ASSUME you're trying to describe is the gear shifter for the front crankset – gears 1, 2 & 3 up front.

You have TWO gears shifters. The left side gear shifter controls gears on the crankset. The right side shifter controls the gears on the rear cog. It feels "lighter" when you downshift because it's a smaller gear & requires less foot pressure from you. Not pressure on the ground. Learn how to shift your gears! Try using Google & your own brain. See link…

TV Documentary, about artists who use Bicycle parts.?

There was a bit on TV, (and because of circumstances beyond my control) I only had a fleeting look at it but it aired within the last few days and was about Artists in the S.F. Bay area who use Bicycles and Bike parts for unusual works of art and even sometimes functional bikes (but still weird looking…)

Anyhow, does anyone have any pointer to a web-page or anything about this? … Color me curious….

Posted by spamissatanic
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Hi spamissatanic–

I found some information about Bicycle Recycle Art & Artists, I think will entertain your curiosity. I'll choose a couple of sights that "I" think look interesting and then the last link will be the entire page from Google that I found all the information from. K!?

Http://… – 275k –


AND..Here is the Page From Google w/ additional information (I used 2 different pages actually)..—->



Take Care!!! Lillsoma

___________ ~_~.


Best website selling bicycle parts?

Is anyone can tell me what is the best website we can sell our bicycle parts in all over the world?
What is good or bad if selling on ebay and Amazon
Please comments.
Thank you for your help~~~

Posted by cosmic girl
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You can find some great deals on eBay for bike parts, especially when you just need a part here and there. Bikewagon is one of the largest bike sellers on eBay that I deal with, and have been very pleased with their service. I recently learned about their website, which sells items for less than on eBay at times. Not sure why? Anyways, when they have the item I need, I just visit their site directly:

When I can't find my item with them, I check with Jenson USA and Pricepoint. Performance bike and Nashbar are owned by the same company, and they do a great job as well.

Hope this helps.


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